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What is it with rich white people?

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I just read this story about a woman from a well off background who was having major financial problems. About to lose her house and shot her teen age son and daughter then killed herself. What is weird is NOT that this happened, but that is seems to be happening over and over again. And in nearly every case it’s about some upper crust white who is about to lose their house, job and/or relationship.

And nearly every time I read about some school or mall or other killing, the person doing the killing is from an upper crust white family and area.

Now there is this item on Bill Moyers site about how wealthy people favor punitive and harsh Punishment for criminals and even school children. Interestingly the study sited also point out that they by and large feel entitled to what they have.

Holland: I’m always struck by how different scholars working with different methodologies find complementary results. Your colleague, Paul Piff, found that the wealthy tend to be more likely to have a sense of entitlement than average people. He also found that they were more likely to exhibit narcissistic traits. These all seem to be perfectly complementary.

Keltner: Yeah, Paul Piff’s findings and Michael Kraus’s earlier findings — and studies by Hazel Markus, and Nicole Stephens at Stanford — are all consistent. We take great heart when different scientific approaches converge on a notion or an idea, and this is all converging on this idea that there’s something about wealth and privilege that makes people perhaps a little too self-focused. And they lose sight of the great breaks they get in life, thinking, as you said, that if you’re born on third it’s because you hit a triple.

Could this also be why they seem more likely to flip out when this entitlement is likely to be lost ? That they also feel entitled to ownership of even other people? Or that the cops from those areas are far more likely to engage in abuse and even murder and get off for it.

One study shows that the rich have far less compassion than those in the lower economic classes.

One has to wonder about their values and moral compass. Or do they even have any …

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