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Come Saturday Morning: Chris Christie and Tony Sutton

Watching the hubris-greased start of the downfallof Chris Christie has made me think a lot about the parallels between him and a similarly thuggish, similarly disgraced fellow Republican: Tony Sutton, who not that long ago was the most powerful Republican in the State of Minnesota, and whose exploits I have limned before at this website.

Christie suggested that beating up a 76-year-old Democratic female state legislator with a baseball bat would be a good idea; Sutton infamously took a tough-guy pose with one in a 2009 puff piece done as he became Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign team was warned by the vetters not to pick Christie for Romney’s running mate because of the number and severity of scandals in Christie’s background; Tony Sutton’s political and business career, from RPM Treasurer to RPM Chair to Baja Sol CEO, has been similarly filled with scandals.

Lastly, because of a big scandal that proved to be the tipping point after years of other scandals, Chris Christie has probably just won his last political campaign; likewise, the cumulative weight of years of scandal finally undid Tony Sutton’s political career.

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