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Bridgegate: The Weinberg Theory

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Rachel Maddow has put forth an interesting theory on Bridgegate, one that offers an alternative explanation for why Governor Christie’s political operatives targeted the town. Many have been incredulous as to why Christie and company would care that a Democratic mayor would not endorse him for re-election when so many others also had not. Now there might be an answer.

Maddow takes note of the date on the email between David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly which is dated August 13th, 2013 7:34 AM.

The day before – August 12th, 2013 – Governor Christie had held a furious press conference denouncing Senate Democrats as “animals” for not yielding to him on his picks for judges to the New Jersey Supreme Court. One Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is longtime Christie foe Senator Lorretta Weinberg.

Christie and Weinberg have had a contentious relationship going as far back as 2009 when Weinberg was the Lieutenant Governor candidate on the Corzine ticket. The Christie and Corzine campaigns ripped each other daily. Though Christie’s most famous episode with Weinberg has to be his “joke” about encouraging the media to beat her with a baseball bat.

Governor Christie told reporters Wednesday to “take the bat” to 76-year-old Sen. Loretta Weinberg for collecting a taxpayer-funded pension while making $49,000 a year as a legislator…

“I mean, can you guys please take the bat out on her for once?” Christie said to a crowd of reporters at a State House news conference. “Here’s a woman who knows she did it, yet she comes to you and is pining … ‘Oh! My goodness! How awful this is! What a double standard!’ But she’s the queen of double standard.”

Fort Lee is in Senator Weinberg’s district.

No one has gotten more under Governor Christie’s thin skin than Weinberg and on August 12th 2013 he surely knew she was partly to blame for him not being able to dictate terms on the NJ Supreme Court. Then comes the email – 7:30 AM the next day – saying it was time for “traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Was it retaliation against Senator Weinberg? Did the conspirators wait a few weeks for the first day of school and the 9/11 commemorations so the payback would have maximum damage?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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