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The Depravity of Nero and Caligula Combined


I was sitting at the table in the title company waiting for the lady with the figures and papers, when she placed a small packet of tissue in front of me, and said, “There’s been a lot of this lately”.

I was unaware of the tears dripping on the table, I was unaware of my wife sitting next to me, I was unaware of everything. From far away, I could hear the title lady’s soft solemn voice going over the figures, she had the soothing sound of an undertaker at a funereal.

But before that, long before that; me and my wife, son and mother-in-law, we decided to make that the best looking house on the block. Me and my wife put new tile on the kitchen floor, while mom swept and cleaned, and my son was upstairs installing new drywall. We would make this house so irresistible that it would be sold in no time.

On the way back home to where we live now, there was silence in the car. Although no one was talking, we knew we were in one another’s minds and thinking the same thought; we had lived many happy years in that house, it had been our home for a long time, and we loved it.

Bad things happened to my finances, the roof at the old house began to leak messing up the hardwood floors and walls; that’s when I told my son to call a “bottom feeder”, and arrange a sale.

Just imagine how many times this was repeated in Detroit; we’re talking about “human beings” here, not just empty houses and events. After the neighborhoods in Detroit got so bad, people probably just left without even attempting to sell; I didn’t do much better. Did anybody stop and think about what happened to the people involved. I can remember when Detroit was a glittering city full of entertainment: Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, and on and on, lived and entertained there. It was a city where the people dressed fashionable, drove new cars, and lived in immaculate homes; I know, I visited some of them. As history goes, it wasn’t that long ago.

How about all those foreclosures when the interest rate was increased in 06, that was treated as though it was their fault; the people who got foreclosed on were to blame for signing loans to move into nice new houses. When I sold real estate, those loans were restricted to doctors who were interns, and knew they were going to get fat checks down the line; they were not for average people who were going to be making more or less the same salary. Why were those loans made available to average people? Why did Ben Bernanke raise the rate when it should have been lowered? The economy wasn’t that good. Those foreclosures can be blamed on whoever raised the rate; that would lead a logical thinking person to blame “Ben Bernanke”, but he was only following orders; then the next question is, “Who gave the order”, now that’s the 64,000 dollar question. The biggest problem we have with everything involving stuff coming out of The White House, “Who is giving the orders”?

Why is the Obama Administration a continuation of the Bush Administration? That’s been verified in so many different ways. When I talked to a representative about this “commodity market manipulation”, just after Obama was elected, he was quite excited about taking it to DC, but he wasn’t talking much when he came back. All he said was, “They weren’t interested in investigating commodity market manipulation,” and this was before all the markets went back up, as you can see on the chart. They still have many of the same people who were in the Bush Administration. This commodity market manipulation is draining the wealth from the middle class. All that money is enabling them to buy whoever hasn’t already been bought; are you ready to become a citizen of a “banana republic”?

We already have stratified social classes, including a large impoverished working class that resulted partly from manipulated prices of food and gasoline, two commodities no one can live without. Those mind boggling profits enabled the oligarchs to buy politicians wholesale. Now we have a ruling plutocracy that comprises the elites of business, politics, and the military.

Government officials exploit their offices for personal gain. Wars are used to enrich the military industrial complex, and the resulting government deficit is repaid by the countries working people through their wages; they make no profits, nor are their wages a percentage of those profits as in the day when the unions were strong.

While the blueprint for a “Banana Republic” is well known, no one ever thought the rich and powerful USA could become one, now it’s almost a “fait accompli”. What began in the Bush Administration has gone on nonstop during the Obama Administration, and no one knows how to slow it down; all that money spent to protect us from an external enemy, when the enemy is within. Now we know why president “Never look back”, has never looked back; he would only be looking back at the people he’s presently working for.

In regard to this “commodity market manipulation”, it will give them enough money to buy any parts of government they haven’t already bought. They can install their people, and take over the legitimate function of various agencies; that’s what happened to the CFTC, the agency that functioned all these years to protect us from predatory “commodity market manipulation”. When President Obama took office, gas had dropped to $2.00 a gallon at the pump, by 2011 it had risen to $4.50 a gallon. How many other government agencies are no longer functioning in our behalf like they’re supposed to?

Speculation, not fundamentals driving up oil prices “speculation” is what occurred before the banks and hedge funds got involved, speculation was when the CFTC regulated the markets with limits on the number of contracts any entity or person could control; MANIPULATION is what’s going on now.

How does oil speculation raise gas prices? Speculation is legal, while manipulation is illegal; consequently, we must accept the different terminology. It seems someone else has connected the dots.

While the public at large doesn’t know the difference between “commodity market speculation” and “commodity market manipulation”, the CFTC certainly knows, but they’re prevented from doing their job. This is about our present discussion

I believe you now understand the cause/effects involving this “commodity market manipulation” that has destroyed a large part of this country in a very short time. The effects are much worse than you think; unfortunately, people who live in nice middle class communities are totally unaware of what this is doing to our country. Although you know what happened in my old neighborhood, you have no idea how this affected the economic strata below them; it’s too depressing to discuss.

Once when Caligula was presiding at some games, he ordered his guards to throw an entire section of the crowd into the arena to be eaten by animals, and this was during intermission because he was bored. While that was gruesome, the number of people was minute in comparison to the people who suffered when the interest rate was raised in 06, and they were thrown into the jaws of poverty and homelessness. Does anybody wonder how they would feel if all their belongings were thrown out on the street, and they had to sleep in a car? If the Caligula incident occurred today, chances are that you would be reading about it as opposed to being affected by it. Whether you were thrown out on the street or not, you were affected by all those foreclosures that resulted from that rate increase.

Nero fed Christians to the lions because they were given to a new and mischievous superstition involving one God. While he only fed a small number of Christians to the lions, someone fed a multitude of Christians to poverty when they manipulated the commodity markets raising the price of food and gas to levels much higher than they have ever been in history, this increased the cost of living. That caused the middle class to slide down to the “lower middle class”, and the people below them to slide into poverty; while those who were already poor slid into “depravation”. This is what “depravation” looks like

Those people were denied the government resources they were entitled to when the levees were breached in the 9th ward in New Orleans. Who knows what psychological trauma they suffered from seeing so many bloated floating bodies of their friends and relatives. That was in addition to the effects of generations that had suffered from the long arm of slavery, plus the same rise in the cost of living that resulted from the market manipulation of food and gas that we’re all suffering from; but like frogs in water that’s been gradually heated, we have adjusted, and like the frogs we’ll continue adjusting until it kills us.

Depravation is ugly, and it’s spreading, depravation is color blind; while it might look and sound different when it comes to a neighborhood near you, it will be no less gruesome. Unfortunately, we’re the only people who have the intelligence and the will to do something about it. although many of us have gotten bone tired and see no results, our options are quite simple; we can keep on trying to do something about it, or watch friends and relatives, even sons and daughters slide into poverty. None of us are getting any younger, and if our sons or daughters slide into poverty after we’re deceased, there’s nothing we can do about it. As bad as poverty has always been, it’s exponentially worse than ever before because of the depravity that exists in Washington DC, which causes poverty and the depravity that goes along with poverty.

While “depravation” and “deprivation”, have a relationship, they have two different meanings. A person who is deprived long enough, will become depraved; this is the relationship, and long enough could be two or three generations, but ultimately it will happen. Deprivation in our case has been caused by Washington DC’s depravity. This began in the Bush Administration and has continued throughout the Obama Administration. That “Kabuki Theater” is fooling no one here.

When a healthy mentally alert person is looking for a job, and can’t find one, it’s a depraved government that will call that person lazy, and say he doesn’t want to work because he can’t find a job. It’s a depraved government that will spend billions on banks, stock markets, and wars, but can’t spend any money to provide jobs for people who are desperate for work. That has gone on for some time now; those people have been deprived by the very government they’ve paid taxes to for all of their lives, and at the same time they have been deprived by the manipulation of the prices of food and gas that’s raised their cost of living.

Caligula, Nero, and Claudius combined, never caused such horror to so many people; the government in Washington DC is more depraved than all the Roman Emperors combined.

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