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Over Easy: Monday Science

I wish

The trick is a North facing toilet. And Playdog


Fukushima Update:

Lot of talk about the web about steam from #3 reactor, including our own Edward Teller. My take is still that this is a non-event, #3 has been steaming the entire time. There’s probably some fuel rod or corium up there.

Cow’s with unexplained white spots  about 9 miles from Fuku. Yeah. Unexplained, they say.

They have started debris removal from the #3 SFP. That’s a good thing and pretty impressive. That area is borderline too hot for even equipment to enter.

They are saying that underground tunnels are a major source of radiation releases. As you read through, notice the trouble they go to to avoid mentioning the word “corium”.

New research indicates that if we double the amount of CO2, temperature rise will be much higher than previously thought. Now say 4-8c, from 3-5c. We miscalculated the effects of clouds.

And yet people still won’t give up their old, inefficient incandescents.   I actually saw a story on Faux asking if you feel less free because of this.

Remember, we still haven’t really calculated the effect of dissolving methane hydrates.

Oh, and it seems that at least one Antarctic glacier is more sensitive to climate than we thought.

America’s response to this? Why, we’ve become the worlds largest producer of fossil fuels!

At the American Geophysical Union, an expert suggests that earth has a belt of dark matter around the equator.

Even so, we STILL don’t know what dark matter is. The WIMP theory is losing support due to a lack of evidence.

Mysterious blue dye mentioned in the Bible found?

Big mountains need a solid base of support. Well, not all of them. These are sitting on molten lava!

Just plain cool story about research into the Fomalhaut triple star system.

If  you believe in evolution, this closes a gap in human history. If you don’t believe in evolution, here’s the Creation Museum’s take on Dragons.

I suppose I am almost required to include this link to the dogs align themselves to earths magnetic field when pooping story.  

Boxturtle (If only to use that photo)

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