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Koch Network Raised Over $400 Million In 2012

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A look now at what the Citizens United decision and a permissive FEC has wrought. According to a report by the Washington Post a Koch Brothers backed network of fundraising organizations raised an amazing $407 million in 2012. That’s quite a haul and certainly further evidence that moneyed interests believe quite sincerely that politicians are some of the best investments.

Digging through tax files WaPo and the Center For Responsive Politics uncovered the clandestine network.

The filings show that the network of politically active nonprofit groups backed by the Kochs and fellow donors in the 2012 elections financially outpaced other independent groups on the right and, on its own, matched the long-established national coalition of labor unions that serves as one of the biggest sources of support for Democrats.

The resources and the breadth of the organization make it singular in American politics: an operation conducted outside the campaign finance system, employing an array of groups aimed at stopping what its financiers view as government overreach. Members of the coalition target different constituencies but together have mounted attacks on the new health-care law, federal spending and environmental regulations.

Conspiracy theorists! Oh, you are supposed to scream that before they provide the evidence in hopes of distracting people. My bad.

The Koch network is impressive with an inner coalition and list of outside allied groups. Some of whom come together on a common cause such as fighting Obamacare. Rather than forming just non-profits the Koch network often employes the use of Limited Liability companies (LLCs) to funnel money around the network for action.

Its funders remain largely unknown; the coalition was carefully constructed with extensive legal barriers to shield its donors. But they have substantial firepower. Together, the 17 conservative groups that made up the network raised at least $407 million during the 2012 campaign

A labyrinth of tax-exempt groups and limited-liability companies helps mask the sources of the money, much of which went to voter mobilization and television ads attacking President Obama and congressional Democrats, according to tax filings and campaign finance reports.

Corruption does hate the sunlight. If these money men are so proud of what they do and love the country so much – why don’t they do it out in the open?

While the Kochs declined to disclose to WaPo how much money they personally provided, the total of $407 million is some serious cash. Cash that can make moves happen in Washington especially if used to influence elections.

If money is power the Kochs and their allies have a lot more power than 99% of the American people.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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