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Late Night: Hang Drum, Space Drum, Hand Pan?

Anyone know anything about this video? It’s apparently been around awhile — this copy dates to late 2012, and it looks like it’s a second- or even third-generation copy — and it’s haunting in its artistry and simplicity.

Furthermore, does anyone know anything about the lady, and/or her instrument? The instrument looks like a mass-produced portable offspring of the Trinidad steel drum. I’ve heard several different names for it: Hang drum, space drum, hand pan, et cetera. I don’t know what she’s playing. I just know that she’s good.

I wish Delia Derbyshire were still alive, so she could hear this. I’m almost wondering when Jean Michel Jarre is going to make the lady in the video one of his opening acts.

So what’s been haunting your dreams lately?

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman