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Pull Up a Chair: Winding Down

Rituals. I don’t have a bedtime ritual.

How do you get ready for bed? It’s last night right now as I write this and I’m a bit keyed up so I brewed a cuppa Nighty Night tea. I enjoy the funky“minty, mildly bitter and sweet, with notes of citrus and spice” taste and find the warmth of the drink soothing in itself. Since I don’t drink coffee during the day, caffeine isn’t an issue for me – but you? What time is your cutoff?

I do have a very bad habit of a light snack late in the evening, probably adding to my waistline, but I’m one of those completely distracted if I think I’m hungry.

It’s winter cold outside so I’m dressed in my flannel jammies. I’ll tuck myself into my flannel sheets. It’s 7°F right now, so I’m wearing my cap, too, a soft kitted beanie. Are you fussy about bed linens and night clothes?

Once you’re in bed, how do you get your mind to stop wandering? I usually have something on to listen to, not to watch, maybe a documentary (I do like to go to bed with Liev Schreiber). As for music, I sometimes get in the mood and will listen to classical music, maybe Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi. Sometimes just ocean waves is enough to distract me to slumber (best in person reclining on the lanai but that’s not happening anytime soon).

I’m not good at reading before bed, though. For me, I keep concentrating on the story so I won’t lose my place so my thinking brain doesn’t let go. Plus to read you have to have your eyes open, I wonder if books on tape might work ’cause I’m not seeing Schreiber stopping by to read me bedtime stories anytime soon, either (how lucky his kids are to have him read to them at night). Anyone try books on tapes at night? Maybe you have a podcast series that soothes?

The most frustrating thing for me, though, is to drift off to sleep but then wake up too refreshed maybe a half hour later – then I’m up for hours. Haven’t found a cure for this yet.

Since you’ll be reading this in the morning, let me offer you some coffee, cream anyone?

H/T watertiger for the wee little motor boat

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