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Come Saturday Morning: Signs of the Bzzzeitgeist. Or Whatever.

A collection of data points that may or may not be more than tangentially related:

— The United States allows its businesses to leave the United States pretty much without impediment. Germany makes very difficult for its businesses to leave Germany. Perhaps this is one reason why the United States has millions more workers than living-wage jobs, whereas Germany has the opposite problem.

— The 2007-8 collapse of the housing bubble and the economy has meant that low-tax white-flight exurbs like Belle Plaine, Minnesota are suddenly faced with having to raise the T-Word.

— Speaking of Minnesota, an administrative law judge has decided that a new solar array would be a better deal for the citizens of the Gopher State than would a new power generator fueled by natural gas. If the Public Utilities Commission agrees, Xcel Energy will soon be drastically increasing its solar investment in Minnesota.

— Speaking even more of Minnesota, the U of M’s Bee Squad wants Minnesota’s gardeners to grow bee-friendly gardens.

What’s buzzing in your neck of the woods?

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