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Over Easy: The Worst of 2013

Cat In A Party Hat

Happy New Year, Over Easy


5. TEPCO. Lyin’ liars gotta lie. I admit that TEPCO would rank higher if the nuclear apocalypse hadn’t been going since 2011.

4. Vladimir Putin. Anti-gay in 2013? Please.

3. Bandar bin Sultan-Bush. Not only is he responsible for keeping the war going in Syria, bur the rebels he owns in the Caucasus are busy bombing public transport in Russia to stir up trouble for the Sochi Olympics.

2. NSA. Let’s completely eliminate privacy worldwide at taxpayer expense. I wonder how many hours a day I toil for spy equipment and salaries.

1. TPP. What fuckery is this? The universe moves toward increasing complexity while the elites move toward consolidation of power.

Happy New Year.

Photo by Jessica F. released under a Creative Commons license.

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