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Democrats to Push Minimum Wage Ballot Initiatives

(photo: jugbo / flickr)

Faced with a tough mid-term election Democrats have decided that increasing the minimum wage is the issue that will help them win the day and are planning to use ballot initiatives as a way to keep it in the forefront. From the New York Times:

At the same time, Democratic campaign officials and liberal activists — conceding that Democrats face tough prospects in some Senate races — are working to put minimum-wage increases on the ballot next year in places like Arkansas, Alaska and South Dakota. The hope is to stoke Democratic turnout in conservative-leaning states where the party’s Senate candidates have been put on the defensive by the mishandled rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

But in a sign that some moderate Democrats are uneasy about inflaming their local business communities, the imperiled Democratic Senate incumbents in Alaska and Arkansas, Mark Begich and Mark Pryor, have yet to embrace the ballot measures.

States with contested House races, including New Mexico, will also see campaigns to bring minimum-wage increases to a referendum next year.

I’m glad to see Democrats have finally realized backing popular proposals that would deliver real help to regular people is the path to political success. I suspect this will be a lot more popular than President Obama’s previous obsession, which was getting the Democratic Party to rally behind a plan to cut Social Security benefits while raising taxes.

Photo by jugbo under Creative Commons license

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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