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Late Night: The Good News Post

Because we could all use some good news:

— Clean energy isn’t just the right thing to favor, it’s also the right thing to have in your investment portfolio.

— “In 1993, Will Allen purchased the city of Milwaukee’s last remaining farm with the idea of selling his produce. Twenty years later, the farmer from Oak Creek, Wis., celebrated Growing Power’s success as the leader in the ‘good food revolution.’” This includes 25 acres of year-round production. Read more about it here.

— In news that won’t surprise anyone who’s paid close attention, or remembers the “Saddam ripped babies out of incubators!!!” causus belli humbug (not to mention the “Saddam had usable WMD and backed Osama!!!” causus belli humbug over a decade later), the New York Times gingerly, if not grudgingly, backs off from its “Assad used sarin on the rebels!!!” analysis that it tried to use to goad President Obama into doing Netanyahu’s and Bandar bin Sultan’s bidding and destroy Syria so an Al-Qaeda-allied Saudi-backed Sunni régime can emerge from the rubble of a once-modern society. (And when I say “grudgingly”, I mean (h/t The Consortium) “buried on page 8, below the fold, 18 paragraphs into a story under the not-so-eye-catching title, ‘New Study Refines View Of Sarin Attack in Syria.’”) It won’t undo the damage that three-plus years of Saudi-sponsored hell has unleashed, but at least it might help to keep Bandar Bush from conning the White House into bouncing the rubble for him.

What’s the good word in your household tonight?

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