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FDL Book Salon – End of Year Chat

Whew! Another year has sped past and here we are stopping for a minute to take a breath and look back at where we have been.  Today is the 763rd salon since we started this journey in July 2007.   My first salon was Aaron Barlow, Rise of the Blogosphere, “we” have come a long way.  You have taken the salons to a respected and “the place to be” to discuss books and topics with authors and hosts.  Authors and Publicists line up to get a chance to get their books in front of you for a salon. The Hosts enjoy guiding the discussions with you and the authors.  Most of our guests are first time commenters on a blog site in a live discussion and they come away with tired fingers, and a smile.  They enjoy the salon, many comment that this forum has provided the best discussions of their works. The Book Salons are you, and a reflection of the great place Firedoglake is.

How do I come up with the books? From the mountain of books, emails, phone calls, and just listening, I try to select books that fit the topics I hear you talking about.  Not all books are best sellers, but they are topics you are interested in and I try to provide the facts and let each salon become a unique place.

I want to thank you the salon members, all of you, the ones who have started this journey with me and FDL, and a Hi and welcome to the new members – Welcome to the Lake.  You are the Book Salons!  Your interests and comments during the salons are what make them special.  This is your forum, your place to discuss books / topics with leaders in the field.  I’m proud to say to our guests that FDL and our readers are knowledgeable and ask intelligent questions, that they will have a great discussion. You keep the discussions lively and fun, and are not afraid to discuss dark and serious topics either. You keep the discussion on-topic and focused, which allows all voices to be heard.

I want to thank the FDL team behind the scenes, the hard working staff, many of them who go the extra mile to make sure the salons happen on time and with no technical issues. It is a pleasure to work with them every week.  I could not bring the salons to you without their expertise and guiding hands.

I want to thank FDL and Jane Hamsher. It was Jane’s vision that created the Book Salon concept for FDL and brought it to reality, and for the salons we have today.

Now for the chat.  What are you looking forward to this coming year?  Predictions?  Resolutions?  News?

What is on your mind?

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