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Call Rep Sandy Levin- Why?

Firedog is one of the few great sites for forwarding ideas.debating issues and disseminating information. On Manning Firedog has/had no equal, however I feel compelled to ask a couple of questions on the ” Call Sandy Levin……….”

1) Do you believe that if enough firebaggers call “Sandy”  will have some measure of effect on anything? ( I use Firebagger rather than Firepup as to differentiate between those doing good effective work like informing on Manning or Gross trade deals, pipelines ect compared to Calling Sandy to let him know you are drinking the kool-aid.

2) When have any of the “call” so and so ever shown the slightest effect on any issue?

Incredibly popular issues such preserving the Medi’s, SS, Taking the cap off to fund, import prescription drugs, public option, bankster bail-outs,  no prosecutions, war foreign aid, taxing the rich, spying, citizens united ect ect ect ect ect– each of these issues and many more the government is opposed to the will of a substantial portion of the electorate, Call Sandy he will feel the pressure on this issue of fast track and there is a chance it will make a difference on this issue

One of  my greatest disappointments is that I have not seen  a glimmer of any movement to challenge the Dem Party.  Each of the above cited is a progressive issue that is NOT advocated for in a meaningful way by the Dems. Yet, unlike the tea party, who has received such a bounty of favorable legislation to its causes and has some success at getting their voices heard, on the Dem side, the populist side, not any signs of  challenge only “Call Sandy”.

At the crux of my argument – We are going work the system( “Calling Sandy”) and have positive results as best exemplified in the fact that on the most important issues no progress, they are not even part of the conversation. They certainly are not being advocated for in a meaningful way.

The tea party’s agenda with much less support has been forwarded much more forcefully because they have elected people who forward the will of the people they represent with less concern for the establishment. The left gets super-excited when establishment shill Elizabeth Warren makes a statement that was not sufficiently praise-full of the bankers. That results in zero change, as it is intended to, it placates and the sheep graze.

The difficulty in achieving any meaningful change is best exemplified by the fact that to an issue libertarians and the peace-minded left agree on all the issues above. Yet, the annunciation of the fact sends the left into a tizzy. Outside of Ralph Nader I know few on the left who forward issue advocacy.  It is different on the libertarian side, they strongly and unequivocally forward that alliance on issue(s) advocacy.  I wonder if that is part of the reason they have had such great success with a much less popular agenda.

With no challenges to the Dem party anywhere in sight, it is clear that they will remain a placeholder for something good. “Calling Sandy”  is like buying a ticket to the Kabuki Theater, cost of admission your common sense.


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