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On Holiday Zero tells 99% to Help at “Soup Kitchens”

You were all enjoying or loathing the Holidays this week,but something struck me as so
Dickensonian by way of The Great Depression in its utter Orwellian Newspeak.
The leader of the WEALTHIEST nation on earth,which affords itself a say 700 Billion military
bill each year called up You and I and Joe and Mrs Sixpack to go HELP OUT at the local SOUP KITCHEN!!

THE PRESIDENT: That’s the same spirit of giving that connects all of us during the holidays. So many people all across the country are helping out at soup kitchens, buying gifts for children in need, or organizing food or clothing drives for their neighbors. For families like ours, that service is a chance to celebrate the birth of Christ and live out what He taught us – to love our neighbors as we would ourselves; to feed the hungry and look after the sick; to be our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper. And for all of us as Americans, regardless of our faith, those are values that can drive us to be better parents and friends, better neighbors and better citizens.

ah let them eat cake

this is while sipping cool cocktails on the beaches of Hawaii.
and nobody blinked an eye…that this miserable man and his extravagant wife have brought the word
Soup Kitchen back into the vernacular.

Hey Mr.Hopey Changey,gonna let the New Pope sound more humanitarian than your trifiling ass? (Pope speaks of a living wage)
WHERE IS THE SHAME for this country….soup kitchens that went out with END of WW2 are back in Vogue in the second GILDEDAGE,funded by Joan and John Q. Public
pass me the chocolate please if there is any left

OMG Dystopia is here to stay

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