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Boston Bombing News: What the Heck Happened in Watertown on April 18?

 If the Tsarnaevs were guilty, why didn’t they have an escape plan? Supposedly they were sane and clever enough to elude bomb-sniffing dogs and massive security and pull off two perfectly timed explosions. And yet, they couldn’t find their way out of Boston on Thursday, April 18.

“They went out of their way to kill a cop to get his gun, which they didn’t take. They abandoned their Honda and carjacked a van, which they didn’t need. They wandered around in the van, stopping at a convenience store where they could easily be seen and recognized. Then they went back for the Honda and drove both vehicles to Laurel and Dexter, where they battled police with handguns and small explosive devices.”

Does this story make any sense at all?

The above is a transcript of police scanner communications which followed the alleged carjacking. It reveals a saga that is truly awesome, and truly mysterious. Transcript excerpts are in boldface.

The carjackers are both 5’7”, one darker-skinned. A mistake? This is not a description of the Tsarnaevs.

Shots fired from the vehicle in question, in the area of Dexter Ave in Watertown, shots fired at officers trying to stop the vehicle. One driving the vehicle in question, one shooting? Then who was in the Honda, which arrived at the scene just ahead of the van? This car-chase story was repeated by several witnesses. It contradicts the other story: “A police car was slowly following the hijacked van. The cop made eye contact with the driver (Tamerlan?), who suddenly stopped the van, got out, and started shooting.”

12:46 am: One subject at Laurel and Dexter is attempting to get back in vehicle and take off. ALSO 12:46 am: Grenades here … They are in between the houses. Who are “they”? Was Tamerlan throwing grenades between the houses while Dzhokhar was escaping in the van? Wait, didn’t Dzhokhar run over his brother, who was shot to pieces and lying on the ground?

12:55-57-??: We have multiple locations of [explosive] devices … Spruce and Lincoln officers pinned down … There are sticks of dynamite … There is an officer down at Hazel and Dexter. Did Dzhokhar drive the van to S&L, single-handedly pin down a bunch of cops with gunfire and dynamite, and then flee on foot to Franklin Street and the boat? Meanwhile, was Tamerlan still battling police on Dexter Avenue, after being shot and run over by the van? Do we have a couple of young Rambos here?

We have the suspect vehicle, the Mercedes at Lincoln and Spruce, unknown if anyone is attached …That vehicle is being taken out at gunpoint, so far he is complying. Who was being taken out at gunpoint?

We got one of them suspects coming in to Beth Israel. Was that the famous naked man, unbloodied and walking under his own power?

How and when did Dzhokhar get shot from inside his mouth? The doctor reported that this shot fractured his skull. If he arrived at the boat with this wound, could he have held his head up? Could he have freely moved his head and neck, as shown in Sgt. Murphy’s photos? Was he hit by a stray bullet while straddling the side of the boat? The Murphy photos don’t show him with his mouth open. It’s still a puzzle.

Could the Tsarnaevs really have wreaked all this havoc on their own?

Is it possible that the scanner communications become a “game of telephone” which exaggerated the threat, making two lone gunmen look like an army?

Or … Were there other shooters and bombers on the scene? And if so, who were they?

Option 1: Accomplices. The only known “accomplices” are Aza, Dias and Robel, who are accused of concealing evidence, not committing violent acts. The official narrative is: “There were two bombers and we caught them both.” It is not: “We fought a dangerous jihadist gang and caught two of them, and we’re after the others.” … Also you’d think Dzhokhar would turn in his cohorts, if any, to gain clemency and better treatment for himself.

Option 2: Friendly fire. Were there too many police and undercover agents hanging around looking for the bombers, and getting in each other’s way? Did massive confusion result in friendly-fire injuries?

Option 3: The mysterious cabal. I know this idea sounds more like a Charles Bronson movie than real life, but I’ll throw it out there anyway … Did someone engineer the massive confusion, with the express purpose of setting their patsies up to be killed? Why did police keep shooting after witnesses heard the brothers trying to surrender? Why did police on Franklin Street fire multiple rounds into the boat? Was the BPD completely over the top – or were hidden snipers taking pot-shots at them?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The “Boston Marathon Bombings: What Happened?” site is doing wonderful work on this topic.

(sections to note in the How Many Holes? story: The Collier Shooting, Danny and the Carjackers, The Watertown Shootout)

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