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You stay classy, Pooty Poot

Russia’s “excellently managed” PR campaign of releasing imprisoned Pussy Riot members before the Sochi Olympics is as classy and genuine as you have grown to expect from the Putin Regime.

Alyokhina described her prison sentence as a time of “endless humiliations”, including forced gynaecological examinations almost every day for three weeks.

She said: “I decided to become a human rights activist when I realised how easy it was for officials to make a decision and force women to be examined in the most intimate parts of their bodies. Russian officials should not stay unpunished, they cannot have this kind of absolute power over us.”

Zoya Svetova, a member of the Moscow Public Oversight Commission visited Alyokhina in Moscow jail and confirmed that she had repeatedly been subjected to intimate searches.

The more things change in Russia…

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