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Happy Second Day of Christmas – since there are actually Twelve Days.  In South and Central America, and many countries throughout the world, the giving of gifts traditionally is on the Fiesta de los Tres Reyes, Twelfth Day.  No doubt you also realize it’s the High Gift Return Day celebration.

In Vatican Square, Pope Francis continued his reign of terror on Mammon worshipers with a message of tolerance and love for fellow men.

“Whoever hates his brother, writes the brother John, is in the darkness,” he said, “God’s grace has been revealed and has made salvation possible for the whole human race.”

Francis explained that the first to notice Jesus’ birth, according to biblical accounts, were the shepherds.

“They were the first because they were among the last, the outcasts … They kept vigilant,” he said.

The Queen of England granted a pardon posthumously to Alan Turing after his being punished for homosexuality by chemical castration and being removed from his vital work in codebreaking during WWII.

The conviction meant he lost his security clearance and had to stop the code-cracking work that had proved vital to the Allies in World War Two.

The pardon was granted under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy after a request by Justice Minister Chris Grayling.

‘Appalling’ treatment

“Dr Alan Turing was an exceptional man with a brilliant mind,” said Mr Grayling.

He said the research Turing carried out during the war at Bletchley Park undoubtedly shortened the conflict and saved thousands of lives.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is reported intending to demand release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard as a condition for further peace negotiations with Palestine.

Netanyahu appeared to be responding to mounting pressure following revelations that Britain’s GCHQ and America’s National Security Agency had targeted then Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, his defence minister, Ehud Barak, and Barak’s chief of staff.


“It’s a matter of justice,” said the deputy defence minister, Danny Danon. “The Americans can’t come to us asking for more and more while Pollard remains in prison.”

No revelations about Brazilian spying from the U.S. will be given by Edward Snowden in exchange for residency in Brazil, he announced.

Although the Brazilian government has not extended an asylum offer to Snowden, the contractor said he would accept one if it were to come his way.

“Of course! If the Brazilian government wanted to defend human rights, it would be an honor for me to be a part of this. Brazil is a beautiful country and I am thankful for having so many new friends and allies over there,” Snowden said in his first interview with a Brazilian outlet, according to O Globo.

“I will never exchange information for asylum, and I also do not believe the Brazilian government would do that,” he added.



And because it’s the Second Day of Christmas, yesterday picture.

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