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Here’s to a Less Prettied Up, Less Distracted, Less Disguised 2014

Cartoon versions of Republican elephant and Democrat donkey

“In the new year we could be less distracted by the manufactured b.s. … designed to make us hate the Reds or the Blues?”

Great quote in yesterday’s Counterpunch from John Stauber:

Democracy is all but dead, snuffed out by centuries of a corporate economic system that has concentrated wealth and thus political power in the hands of an elite. That elite sits astride a self-destroying economy that is eating up the earth to churn out consumer crap and the vision of a shopping mall utopia. Nothing will get better for the poor or the planet until we individually and collectively come to grips with this reality, and any propaganda that disguises or pretties up this ugly situation is detrimental.

I wonder if in the new year we could be less distracted by the manufactured b.s. — produced by the Democratic and Republican Parties — designed to make us hate the Reds or the Blues? Just a little less? Or if we can keep our eyes on the prize more steadily, the prize being changing the economy into one that makes full employment at good wages our number one ‘left wing radical’ priority. Why is the latter so hard to achieve, when it is what any developed economy can achieve (don’t let the austerians fool you) and what everyone outside the wealthy elite wants?

Well, if you really want to know, not that it really matters: “Wall Street — the West’s financial hierarchy and the established wealth it represents — is destroying the world, a case of class warfare by one class against the others. So general moral bankruptcy is not destroying the earth, but the moral bankruptcy of one class is.” But why are they destroying the economies that make them rich? I think the answer is two-fold: 1) power over the economy and over all of us non-elites matters more to the elite than (even) a healthy, growing economy, and 2) they’re blinded by short-term profitability and are incapable of taking a long-term perspective on their wealth. These are just the _wrong_ people, worse than even the manufacturing ‘class’, to have controlling the world economy.

Oops, think I might’ve just gotten you and me off-track from eye-ing the prize … see how easy it is?

Okay, nuff said. Here’s to a less prettied up, less distracted, less disguised 2014. Eyes on the prize and happy new year people!

Photo by Donkey Hotey released under a Creative Commons license.

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