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Birthday Jihad

I have had it. The tipping point has been reached. The culmination of so much racism, corporatism and all the other isms and schisms that Bob Marley preached against. I am not going to “embrace the suck” Nancy Pelousy. I do like my health plan and I am going to vote against the Democratic Party until I get to keep it, Barack W. Obama. I’m sick of being spied on for everything with everyone else.  I’m sick of Muslims being forced to wear some sort of Yellow Crescent as the latest “other” we need to demonize in America. I’m sick of idots like the Duck Dynasty thinking their line that “blacks were happier under slavery” can even still be said casually in 2013. I’m sick of being forced into a commodified consumer experience against my will by corporations who see me and the rest of us 99ers as just wallets to be plucked. And the self loathing it engenders in me because I don’t have the will power to opt out.

Patty Murray and the Washington Generals (aka the Democratic Party) drove me away from FDL for most of the week in just absolute collapse of any hope there is hope. Especially from Mr. Hope and Change. Reading Tammany Tiger’s and Mrs. T’s dehumanizing experience of being forced to buy a shitty product from a rapacious cartel who will always raise the bar out of reach to take even more of our money (Obamacare). Drones make us accomplices to what? Genocide lite? How many dead wedding parties does it take before it reaches that threshold? Gitmo is our American Gulag waiting for an Abdul Solzhenitsyn to make it seem to have mattered.

Osterity in the face of Wall Street’s getting away with outright theft of trillions. One thing that shill Dick Durbin is correct about: “They own the place”.  Stand Your Ground as an excuse to kill black kids because they play their bass loaded music too loud. Liberals like Ed Schultz calling Edward Snowden a traitor and a coward. If there is one thing Snowden is not, he is most certainly not a coward.

Trying to go see my family in Albuquerque for Christmas (the one time of year I put aside my “Thank God I’m an Atheist” T shirt and mumble along during Candlelight Service in one of those churches that preaches wealth is a sign of favor from God and they pass around collection plates as big as popcorn buckets.)

Today, also happens to be my birthday. But alas, caught in a snowstorm in Salt Lake City. It happens. Sit back and wait it out. I pretty much devoured the daily dose of bitter reality from the stalwarts here at FDL: DS Wright – nice little back and forth on my bete noire The Obama Channel (MSNBC) and Ed Schultz’s faux populism, Jon Walker on how Max Baucuss (D-AHIP) going to China means tax reform is dead; (in other breaking news, water is found to be wet), Alvin McEwen on the Duck Dynasty twofer: homophobes and the paternal racism of “I can relate to the shines because I’m white trash”. Reality chickens coming home to roost.

When I can make enough time to read FDL it makes me realize that I don’t have to support the Lesser of Two Evils. Third Way? No, FDL gives that the middle finger. So stuck in a chair at the Airport looking at the Departures Board, (because if you get up you will lose access to the wall charger), I moved to my other main time suck online:

Read Drew Magary on the stuff that didn’t make it into his Duck Dynasty article for GQ

Find out the unintended consequences of using too much Dcon. Then onto several issues of Rolling Stone: Taibbi, Bill McKibben on how the Keystone Pipeline should be called the Obama Pipeline, articles on poor and mentally diminished 3 strikes and you’re out “criminals” getting life in prison for stealing tube socks. Stories on how bankster collusion isn’t criminal because gaming the system is the system. It just sort of builds up: the inequities we all face in such a time of misplaced priorities and outright corporatism. Plus, we are confronted by grim Holiday commercialism where the main consumer marketing push is something with the foreboding and dread called Black Friday. So, impatience is something I struggle with. I do not suffer fools gladly and hate being conned.  My circuits overloaded with travel stress, personal and communal; six hours of mass consumption of discouraging political and social outrages in web and print form and trying not to think of Buddy Holly as the snow just kept coming down. Well, today as the kids say, I lost my “shit.”

Pay $400 for a ticket to spend rare time with my widespread family and eat at Red Lobster for my birthday. Delta Airlines is my new mortal enemy and I am on a Cru-Had* to punish those motherfockers for what they did to me and about 80 other forced march Happy Holidayers trying to get to where they want to be.

*(A Cru-Had is a word I think I made up: Crusade plus Jihad)

If you care, check this story. All you can do is kick against the pricks. Make them think you will take your business elsewhere  to a Lesser of Two Evils Airline.  Righteous indignation is really all you can do to fight back against the corporate beast who have contempt for their customers. This is my Howard Beale moment: I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore

Here is the letter that I wrote to Delta Airlines this evening. Among my pedantic raving, there are some key points that I hope to use again and again versus the various entities who see all of us citizens work can’t afford to pay carried interest tax rates and so pay double at 29%. I am not just going to except shitty service for champagne prices any more. Not in Health Care, political parties or Airlines.

I had the absolute WORST customer service experience of my life today thanks to you fools at Delta Airlines.

I was attempting to fly out of Salt Lake City in the morning of Dec. 19th to Albuquerque. The flight was delayed due to snow and icy runways. I was told to stay and they would try and re-route me on a flight later in the day.

Finally, at around 6pm, we were loaded onto a completely full plane. More delays. Then we were pulled back into the Gate and told that, due to the 16 hour crew rule, they would be unable to fly us out. 

Are you kidding me? You knew that your crew was near its limit and you board a bunch of tired and annoyed customers on a completely full flight? Made us wait on the tarmac for an hour and then, “oops, sorry”. No. That was a deliberate “bait and switch” by your flight crew. If they were that close to their limit, they never should have forced us all to get on a plane in a snowstorm and then force us to get back off.

My sister was a flight attendant for fifteen years at Southwest. She said they never would have put a full plane out on the runway with a crew that close to their max without a reserve crew ready during a weather delay.

The first delay was not Delta’s fault. That was weather related. The second delay was negligence, fraudulence as well as incompetence by your airline.

To make matters worse, we were promised by the liars on your crew, that there would be a gate attendant there to assist in re-routing us. There was no one at the gate to help us. We were simply left to fend for ourselves, because Delta Airlines does not give a shit about their customers once you have our money.

Then I went upstairs to get “help” from a gate attendant who literally yawned in my face when I was relaying my exasperation as a dissatisfied customer. When I inquired about reimbursement for my cab fare to the airport and back to my home, she said dismissively “go to”. When I asked about a refund on my $25 baggage fee, since you never actually delivered the bag, she said again in a robotic voice while not even looking at me, “go to”. When I hear that, “Go to some impersonal website for assistance”, what it tells me as a customer, is “I don’t care about your problem Mr. Rebel or whatever your name is”.

I feel completely dehumanized by this callous neglect. And as a consumer, I will only pay full fare for quality product. Can you say that your attendants seemed interested in me or my business? Would you, whoever reads this, if anyone even gives a shit, like to be treated so dismissively when you take your car into the shop? Or buy a new stereo that doesn’t work? Would you continue to patronize such businesses with demonstrated poor customer service interest? “Go to” Nah. I’ll go to or for my future flight needs.

So I cannot be flown to Albuquerque until Saturday Dec. 21 at 10pm. I am just another head of cattle being shuffled onto your plane. Take it or leave it. Arriving at Midnight. Your lying about the flight crew’s hours cost me 48 hours of wasted time. My birthday is Dec. 20th. I will be spending it home alone, thanks to Delta’s disinterest; when I paid the fare to spend that day with my family. So I’m not just another head of cattle or a wallet to be picked.

Do you think you have lived up to your slogan: “We love to fly and it shows”? The young woman next to me on the plane was going to have to sleep in the airport that night. She was in tears. The cherry on the shit sundae of flying Delta.

What do you intend to do to make this right to retain me as a paying customer of Delta Airlines? At the very least I demand you reimburse me $60 for my wasted cab fare and you should offer me some sort of free flight benefit/make good for the LYING that was done by your flight crew.

Are you telling me that crew didn’t realize they were at their hours max and once the plane needed de-icing we, the paying customers, were screwed and inconvenienced. Blatant dishonest behavior. Incredible and shocking.

Mistakes happen, I understand that. But when YOU, the vendor make a mistake that involves such dishonesty, how do you decide to make up for that dishonesty? I am so unbelievably furious that I really can’t imagine ever flying Delta again, when my holiday AND birthday plans have been diminished by your dishonesty.

Whenever I see your ads on TV touting your customer service, the reality is that I have a much different direct experience.

If I am not compensated somehow, not only will I never use Delta again for my flight plans, I will encourage my family, my friends, my work associates, my Facebook friends, Twitter and anyone else who will listen about:

The night that Delta Airlines loaded a plane full of already inconvenienced customers with a flight crew dangerously close to their flying limit. And then loaded us back off the plane and left us standing there. What does that say about your company’s commitment to customer safety?

I will be sure to make all of these friends of mine aware of how you loaded a full plane of passengers out in the middle of a snow storm, with a fatigued crew and then forced us all to go back to the gate (having wasted at least an hour just sitting on the tarmac) and then you abandoned us to fend for ourselves. Wow. Happy Holidays indeed!

Makes for quite a story doesn’t it? My Somali cab driver sure thought so. I intend to write the FAA about this experience and the Salt Lake City Airport to file a grievance against Delta Airlines.

I see your CEO is someone named Richard Anderson. You can bet that I will be writing him a personal letter as well.

You failed as a company in every way imaginable today for at least 80 people on that plane. We were lied to, put at risk and then completely abandoned by Delta Airlines

When your flight attendant got on the intercom and said, “Thanks for being patient and flying Delta Airlines”, someone behind me yelled out “FUCK YOU”.

The whole plane clapped in approval.

So I can imagine there about 80 other pissed off sheeple who flew your airline who will never again pay for a Delta fare.



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