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International Developments


– Iran and P5+1 will resume talks over nuclear deal

– “In a Rebuke to Putin, Obama Names Gay Athletes to Olympic Delegation

– U.N. & EU: We need a humanitarian ceasefire in Syria

– 71 journalists have died this year related to their work

– “There is a rosy outlook for military relations with the US, China’s defence ministry has said, in an apparent attempt to limit damage from a recent confrontation between the countries’ navies in the South China Sea.

– “The Peaceful Protest US Govt Doesn’t Want World to Know About

– Kerry: We express regret over handling of Indian diplomat 

– “Iran nuclear deal is model for ‘rule-based’ international relations

– U.N. criticizes Iran over human rights

– “UN OKs resolution condemning Syria rights abuses

– U.S. to U.N.: Condemn the recent Syrian airstrikes

Middle East

– “Why Israel Fears Roger Waters

– “President Karzai, Stand Tall Against US Pressure to Sign the Troop Deal

– A guarded convoy will carry Syrian chemical weapons before destruction while Russia delivers trucks

– Palestinians are set to talk with Israelis

– In Iran, the amount of unemployed graduates is growing

– “Saudi Internet Activists face Crackdown

Asia and Oceania

– “The Mystery of Tajikistan

– Stephen Colbert talks about recent Chinese and North Korean events

– “Slouching Toward Confrontation in the South China Sea

– “Hunting for U.S. arms technology, China enlists a legion of amateurs

– India has passed an anti-corruption bill  [cont’d.]

Oxdown Diaries

Oxdown Diaries