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The Motorola Moto-G, the $199.00 smartphone – Favouring the Right

I recently bough a Motorola Moto-G, because I wanted a smart phone, unlocked and free from carrier ties (and gouging), and to replace a Samsung smart phone, which with a new battery had a half-life equivalent to a fly’s.

It is Android based, and hopefully I’ve turned off most of the snooping features (Probably not completely). I’ve owned Palm (ugh), and Windows CE (ugh) based smart phones. They were bad because of their reliance on a stylus – easy to lose, requires two handed operation and unusable in sunlight.

I don’t buy Apple equipment. It is too expensive. My dogma is Cheap, not Jobs.


In the UK “cheap” implies inexpensive, and is not derogatory. Cheap and Nasty is the derogatory form. In the US “cheap” is derogatory, the “and nasty” qualification unnecessary.

I’m cheap. It is up to you the reader to decide which interpretation of cheap applies to myself.


An unlocked phone, because I can use prepaid sim cards when I travel outside the US (Not to foreign countries, because to me they are not foreign), and thus avoid the gouging of carriers when I do something stupid (such as use the phone ) and incur roaming charges (see cheap above).

I bought this cheap Android phone. After a couple of weeks usage I like it, except for one gaping flaw. Because I’m right-handed, as are the majority of Christians, Buddhists, all Arabs and probably all Muslims, I hold my phone in my left hand when talking leaving my right hand free – generally for taking notes when talking on the phone.

On the Moto-G the sound egress port (hole for the microphone) is carefully placed on the rim, or side, of the phone, at the bottom, about 1″ from the right hand-side of the phone when looking at the display (I personally do not look much at the back of the phone, it’s information free).

When holding the phone in my left hand I support the bottom of the phone with my little finger, which in an amazingly diabolical manner covers the sound egress port, perfectly. The consequence of the incredibly clever design is that if I do this, then the called party cannot hear me speak.

This is perfect when talking to my wife, at times, because I can claim that I can’t hear her, when I want to avoid the particular matter under discussion, especially when my wife is reminding me again, that I’m an idiot (which is probably true, but I don’t actually want to hear that).

Other than that the placement of the sound egress port, is major design flaw. Said hole should have entry both from the front of the phone and from the side, the rim.

To me it seems obvious the phone was not tested by holding it in the left hand. Which is conclusive proof to me that Motorola and it’s parent Google, favor the right.

Other than that I’d recommend the phone. Reasonably fast, good battery life, clear display, ability to hear my wife clearly (although there are some who would not claim that a benefit, for those I recommend two cans and a length of string.)

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