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Patty Murray Continues To Run From Her Own Budget Deal

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The Ryan-Murray budget deal is heading to President Obama’s desk after having passed the Senate. It is nothing to be proud of. A point that Senator Patty Murray herself has made repeatedly. Murray claimed during the legislative process that the bill – despite being flawed – needed to pass in order to prevent another shutdown and the continuance of intolerable sequestration. Murray said “both sides had to give a bit.

Nonsense. It was a right-wing give away to put it mildly. Full restoration of the super-sized military budget to fight non-existent enemies and cuts to federal worker pensions and hikes in airline fees. No tax increases on the plutocrats or even closing of corporate tax loopholes.

Carried interest, where hedge fund managers pay in effect a 15% income tax? Still going strong in the Ryan-Murray budget deal.

One of the provisions of Ryan-Murray budget that was truly grotesque was the cut to veteran’s pensions. The budget promotes a war policy with massive spending on new weapons then cuts out benefits for those who face the consequences of that policy. Now Murray is distancing herself from her own budget claiming the military pension cuts are reversible.

Sen. Patty Murray is distancing herself from a cut in military pensions in the budget deal she brokered with Rep. Paul Ryan.Her unease about a key element of her own deal, which passed the Senate on Wednesday and is now headed to President Barack Obama, comes amid a backlash from veterans groups and Senate defense hawks that has put her and her colleagues in a tough spot going into an election year…

Behind the scenes, though, some are celebrating the pension cut as an unexpected victory. The defense industry, in particular, stands to gain from the deal, which would provide $63 billion in sequester relief over the next two years, split between defense and nondefense programs.
This is just getting ridiculous. Murray and her Senate Democratic colleagues fought for the military pension cuts, now she claims to support reversing them?

Is Senator Patty Murray an idiot, a liar, or both? This is truly one of the strangest political strategies I have ever seen. The steps are a combination of duplicity and stupidity – promote a policy you claim to be against, enact it, then attack it. Whose budget deal is this again?

Patty Murray was for herself before she was against herself.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.