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Tonight’s video is Pee Wee’s Christmas Special from 1988, starring Pee Wee Herman with an all-star roster of guests including Frankie Avalaon, Annette Funicello, K.D. Lang and a bunch more. Enjoy!

A dogecoin

Truly, we live in such wondrous times. Wow.

On Firedoglake we’ve talked about Bitcoin and doge. Now Motherboard reports the two come together in dogecoin:

I don’t know what Bitcoin will end up being. It could be a currency or a commodity, a fad or a revolution, the future of money or a total waste of money. What I do know is that Dogecoin could be just the same, now that it’s joined a countless legion of so-called “altcoins” in the wake of Bitcoin’s skyrocketing price.

Yup, it’s the first digital currency based on an internet meme—not just any internet meme, mind you, but the 2013 meme of the year. Very currency. Such crypto. Wow.

Sorry for that, but it’s also kind of the point. ‘Is this supposed to be retarded on purpose?’ wondered a confused onlooker on the BitcoinTalk forums. If Bitcoin is a compelling concept, Dogecoin is totally stupid. Even so, it’s still proving successful in the midst of the cryptocurrency craze. In just 24 hours, the mining difficulty for Dogecoins increased thirty levels, according to one impressed, self-described fanboy. That means a whole lot of people are trying to mine their own Dogecoins. Believe it or not, Dogecoin has gone viral.

Indeed, after a week of existence, Dogecoin is already the 24th most valuable altcoin, with a total market value of $1,621,559 based on its price on the exchange CoinedUp, though it might be worth even more elsewhere. On eBay, someone just paid $600 for 1 million Dogecoins. Then there’s the guy who said he’d buy up to 0.2 bitcoins of dogecoin on reddit, which comes to about $150, and which solicited offers of a million dogecoins or more. In all, not bad for what is clearly supposed to be nothing more than some satirical levity. Really, this all sounds a bit like the early days of Bitcoin.


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