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Hello folks, hope you’re doing well this day.

International Developments


– Gallup: Worldwide, the median household income is $10,000

– The U.N. needs $6.5 billion in order to keep Syria from starving

Part 2 of interview with David Swanson

– “The U.N. Security Council is expressing “grave concern” at the weakening security situation in Libya as the North African country struggles to control armed groups and transition to democracy.

A few places the U.S. military operates

– “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry offered harsh words for China and new maritime security assistance for Southeast Asia on Monday to bolster countries facing growing Chinese assertiveness in a region where the two world powers are jockeying for influence.

– “Two Guantánamo prisoners transferred to Saudi Arabia

– “The Horrors of the “Great” War

– President Francois Hollande: U.S. Senate will “squash” Iran if no talks are made

– Ban Ki-Moon: We need a ceasefire before we have negotiations 

– “A retired FBI agent who vanished six years ago in Iran, reportedly during a covert CIA operation, was arrested by authorities in the Islamic state, the last person to see him alive was quoted as saying on Monday.

Middle East

– David Cameron: Mission accomplished in Afghanistan; Sounds familiar

– “Netanyahu planned to hire ‘special manager’ to deport African migrants

– “The European Union promised Israel and the Palestinians better access toEuropean markets and “unprecedented” political and economic aid as an incentive to push them into resolving their decades-old conflict.

– Israeli troops have shot two Lebanese soldiers after one of their soldiers was killed

– “FSA alliance pushes back against Islamic Front

– Juan Cole: “Syrian Christians Menaced by Extremist Sunnis, Slam Lack of Lebanese Support” & “Dozens Killed by Regime Barrel Bombs in Aleppo, half of them Children

– “Suicide bombers and gunmen killed scores of people in Iraq on Monday in attacks mostly targeting Shi’ite Muslim pilgrims and official buildings ahead of a major Shi’ite ritual next week.

– The Yemeni parliament have voted to ban drone strikes in country, but requires signature by president. Still, it seems drone strikes will continue anyway

– “No Israeli-Palestinian peace without Gaza” [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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