Al-Qaeda Now Has Weapons US Sent To Syria

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For those worried that dumping US arms into the Al-Qaeda dominated Syrian opposition areas was a bad idea, you win. After President Obama bypassed a rule on funding terrorists, US arms began flowing to the Syrian opposition. The arms were, in some abysmally stupid theory, supposed to go to the “moderate” opposition only.

Unfortunately that “moderate” opposition has now collapsed and the arms have been captured by Al-Qaeda. Yes, America just inadvertently supplied Al-Qaeda terrorists with US arms. Seriously.

The final bankruptcy of American and British policy in Syria came 10 days ago as Islamic Front, a Saudi-backed Sunni jihadi group, overran the headquarters of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) at Bab al-Hawa on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey. The FSA, along with the Syrian National Coalition, groups that the United States and Britain have been pretending for years are at the heart of Syrian military and political opposition, has been discredited. The remaining FSA fighters are in flight, have changed sides, or are devoting all their efforts to surviving the onslaught from jihadi or al-Qa’ida-linked brigades.

Face meet palm. Special price on US arms in Syria, barely fired and only dropped once.

The American people by and large understood we had no business being involved in the Syrian Civil War. Americans want to untangle themselves from the lethal mess that is Middle Eastern politics, not get further compromised. And now that we are producing all this domestic energy it should be that much easier, right? Wrong. The delusions of grandiosity and lust for empire compelled yet another administration to try and play God in the Middle East.

Instead of listening to the American people, the Obama Administration dove head first off the high dive into a drained swimming pool. Now the head of the Free Syrian Army has apparently fled the country.

Islamist fighters ran the top Western-backed rebel commander in Syria out of his headquarters, and he fled the country, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

The Islamists also took over key warehouses holding U.S. military gear for moderate fighters in northern Syria over the weekend. The takeover and flight of Gen. Salim Idris of the Free Syrian Army shocked the U.S., which along with Britain immediately froze delivery of nonlethal military aid to rebels in northern Syria.

There remains some confusion over whether the General fled or not, in any case his headquarters and weapons are in Al-Qaeda’s hands and while it’s good to see the US and British freezing some aid, this is a total disaster.

The Free Syrian Army has collapsed and all the support the Obama Administration has been vomiting into the country is being recovered by America’s sworn frenemy Al Qaeda. In fact, the very people who were “moderates” are now openly defecting.

History is repeating itself, America got in bed with what would become Al-Qaeda in the 1980s to fight the Soviet Union – the greater glory. Al-Qaeda would later use the training, money, and organization the CIA helped provide to launch attacks on American assets throughout the world. Now it seems we are arming them again, though this time indirectly, in hopes of influencing Iranian power in the region. Let’s just hope Al-Qaeda doesn’t use what they’ve gained from scavenging what we gave to the now defunct “moderates” against us. Getting bit by our own attack dog was painful enough the first time.

Another administration has provided evidence once again for the lesson no president ever seems to learn – that every time America tries to play God in the Middle East we went up paying for it in blood. How many more Americans have to die for the information to finally get through?

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