Self-Serving Myopia, and Then Some…

A few days ago, I interviewed two brothers from Hermosillo, Mexico, and who own a second-hand store, and subsequently, have, for the past several years, come to Arizona twice monthly in search of “used” furniture to sell in their store in their hometown of Hermosillo.  And their regular round trips–from Phoenix, Arizona and to Hermosillo, they have had to transit the Aduana or the Port of Entry at Nogales, Arizona and in particular, Nogales, Sonora, in Mexico.

What’s of particular importance in this life-changing moment, from an economics perspective, is that these two brothers are willing pay their accrued “import tax” without any reservation, yet, with ample recognition that should they return to Hermosillo with used clothes and shoes, the local aduanal employee’s “ask” of a small ‘off-the-books” cash amount as “mordida” and having  to pay this small cash amount, will make this continuing transit of the port of entry in the intervening months, much easier for these two brothers.

By way of ‘background’ as to context and content, Mexico’s former conservative-oriented President Filipe Cardenas and his successor, liberal-oriented President Nieto, have established and perpetuated Calderone’s replacement of local law enforcement with the Federal Judicial Police, has produced a presumptive “new” behavior in international trade between Mexico and Arizona.  In contrast, in Arizona, the State’s Arizona-Sonora Trade Commission has been laboring under the always present burden of Republican piccadillos, given that the State Legislature has been Republican-led for these past thirty years.

And now, to the purpose of this post, relative to Arizona’s historical myopia, is to encourage our readers to understand the current “wow” in which the conservative-oriented newspaper, Arizona Republic with the largest statewide circulation, has published today, its impressive and focused attention on the Border Patrol.  As such, the title of this long form version is, “Wall of Silence Surrounds Killings by Border Agents.”  Therefore, we offer out and extend our Kudos to Reporters Bob Ortega, Rob O’Dell and Daniel Gonzales and of course, to their intrepid Photographer, Nick Oza.

And you can access this article via their “” website.


Note:  Posted earlier today on the website of the Chicano Veterans Organization.