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Boston Bombing News: What Have We Learned Up Till Now?

In May, efbeall wrote a summary of the facts in the Marathon Bombing case as we then knew them. Here is a comprehensive update. You will see many question marks in this post. No “proof.” Just a whole lot of reasonable doubt … a quaint, old-fashioned concept which, when it comes to the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the mainstream media has opted to ignore. Italics indicate the official narrative.

The indictment specifies two black backpacks containing two 30-pound bombs, fueled with fireworks powder. In the FBI video, we saw Dzhokhar carrying a white bag lightly on one shoulder. It didn’t look like a 30-lb weight. And, fireworks powder is woefully inadequate to accomplish a lethal explosion.

The FBI already had a file on Tamerlan, but after showing us the brothers’ pictures, they told us they had no idea who these guys were. They continue to stonewall about their prior knowledge of the Tsarnaevs.

The bombing was “eerily similar” to a drill which was in the planning stages for Boston. Marathon attendees noticed that a drill seemed to be going on. There is evidence that Tamerlan may have been connected to a US intelligence agency. Were the Tsarnaevs recruited to take part in a bomb drill? Was this drill hijacked? Did someone use it as a ploy to put the brothers in a position to be framed?

Security at the Marathon included bomb-sniffing dogs and members of the quasi-military group Craft International, who were coincidentally carrying black backpacks. A photo of one of the exploded packs seems to show a white patch, similar to the white patches on CI bags.

One witness says he saw Tamerlan putting a backpack down at the finish line. That is all we know about “Bomber One’s” actions.

FBI Agent Genck made these observations of “Bomber Two” based on video from the Forum’s security camera. He “apparently” dropped his pack by the curb. He fiddled with his cell phone. When the first blast occurred, he appeared calm. He glanced toward the finish line and then started walking quickly in the opposite direction. Ten seconds later, another bomb exploded. Is ten seconds a long enough safety margin for someone who is about to set off a huge bomb? Also note: Dzhokhar had his back to the camera.

The bomber was photographed laying his pack down next to Martin Richard and walking away. This photo shows Dzhokhar’s head in profile at the back of the crowd. Toward the front, someone has circled a black-and-white pack. It’s not the same pack as the one in the video. Dzhokhar started walking away AFTER the first blast, but the blue-clad runner in the foreground of this photo crossed the finish line BEFORE the first blast. People are smiling; the blast hasn’t happened yet. The photo is a hoax, debunked on both of the sites referenced here.

The Forum’s website says the bomb went off “right on our patio.” The force of the blast hurled people in through the restaurant’s front door and knocked down a man on the adjoining patio. Such a powerful bomb must have left a wide empty space around it. In post-blast photos the only empty space is NOT by the railings where Dzhokhar placed his pack, but closer to the building, in fact on the patio. For details see:

On April 17, CNN reported a breakthrough based on the Lord & Taylor video of a dark-skinned male leaving a black backpack in front of the Forum. It was just the sort of pack that investigators were searching for. An arrest was reportedly in the works. But later in the day the dark-skinned person mysteriously morphed into a light-skinned Caucasian. And what happened to the black pack?

After smugly smirking at the carnage, the brothers returned home and continued their normal routines. They didn’t claim credit for the attack, making it pointless as a political statement. Did they intend to do so later, after getting to a safe place? Why didn’t they leave town before their cover was blown? Were they smart enough to make sophisticated bombs from an Internet recipe and elude the heavy security at the Marathon, but too stupid to have a viable escape plan?

According to one of his former friends, Dzhokhar said he knew how to make a bomb. Quite a cunning plotter, this kid. Was he talking about making a smoke bomb for a drill? He texted two friends, asking them to remove incriminating evidence from his dorm room. The actual text read: “if yu want yu can go to my room and take what’s there.” Three of his friends have been indicted for obstruction of justice. The “evidence” they disposed of was several spent fireworks, which were probably used to play harmless “Harry Potter games” in March.

Dzhokhar tweeted a callous joke about the victims. “what god hates dead people or victims of tragedies lol those people are cooked.” This was taken out of context as evidence of his guilt. Here’s the context: one of his friends had repeated a rumor that the Westboro Baptists were planning to bring their “God hates you” signs to the victims’ funerals. Dzhokhar’s reply: “those [Westboro] people are cooked.” His other tweets and “likes” also suggest that he took the bombing seriously and was not “smirking”.

After seeing their pictures on TV, the brothers fled in Dzhokhar’s Honda, carrying an arsenal of bombs and weapons. Tamerlan killed a cop because they needed another gun. Officer Collier’s gun was later found in the alley where he was killed. He was shot at close range, and there were signs of a struggle at the scene, but there was no blood on Tamerlan’s clothes. The best suspect for this murder is the 200-lb man who robbed the nearby 7-11.

Tamerlan carjacked a van and confessed his misdeeds to “Danny,” the driver. Dzhokhar ditched the Honda and joined them. For several hours, these desperate fugitives drove in circles, picking up snacks, cash and gas. Tamerlan ranted wildly about his hatred for Americans. OR He chatted calmly with his brother about girls, cars and CDs. OR They spoke in Russian, and the only word Danny understood was “Manhattan.” Danny’s accounts vary; choose one of the above.

When Dzhokhar went into a convenience store and Tamerlan’s attention was distracted, Danny escaped and called police to report the carjacking. The photo of Dzhokhar buying snacks, when shown without cropping, reveals a man who resembles Tamerlan following him out of the store. Did the brothers casually leave their “hostage” alone?

Although knowing that Danny must have called the cops, the brothers wasted more precious time by going back for the Honda. Why? Why ditch the Honda and steal a van in the first place? Their actions that night do not suggest a panicked flight, but actually look more like a planned meeting with someone.

Tamerlan told his parents that an FBI agent had phoned to warn him that he was a suspect in the bombing. Was a meeting arranged during this call? Did their contact double-cross them by reporting a fictitious carjacking, thus setting them up for the fatal shootout?

The van and the Honda ended up at Laurel and Dexter. Tamerlan stopped the van, got out, and started shooting at the cop who had been slowly following him. OR There was a high-speed chase. Dzhokhar was driving one vehicle, Tamerlan the other, and both were driving and shooting at the same time.

The Tsarnaevs assaulted police with automatic gunfire, bombs, grenades and dynamite. As it turns out, they only had one handgun between them. Witnesses heard them shouting “Chill! We give up!” Police scanner transcripts suggest that other people might have been involved. But no other arrests were made that night. We have been told that the brothers acted alone. The transcripts are available here:

Dzhokhar fled in the van, but left it a few blocks away and hid in a boat. Though seriously wounded, he wrote a lengthy confession on the boat’s fiberglass surface. Then he attempted suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. A neat trick, as he had no gun. (Luckily, he just happened to have a pen.) The boat-note did not appear until a month after the arrest. Its wording seems to change from day to day. It has been debunked at the bostonmarathonbombings site.

Someone did stick a gun into Dzhokhar’s mouth and pull the trigger, causing major damage to his face and skull. Logically, this must have happened after his arrest, as when police confronted him in the boat, he was still able to hold his head upright. Who shot him, and why?

In his haste to flee, Dzhokhar ran over his brother, who had been shot and was lying on the ground. Video taken at the scene shows a man under arrest, stripped naked, unbloodied and walking under his own power. This man looks a lot like Tamerlan.

After an extensive police search which failed to turn up the fugitive, a homeowner found a bleeding man curled up in the fetal position in the bottom of his boat. Police arrived at the scene and fired multiple rounds into the boat, under the mistaken assumption that their quarry was firing at them. Oops.

The bomb squad found ball bearings and bomb-making components in the Honda. Smoking gun? Maybe, but numerous signs point to a pattern of deception in this case … the blue-runner photo hoax, the suicide hoax, the boat-note hoax, the conflicting accounts of the shootout, and the FBI’s odd behavior which includes the killing of Ibragim Todashev. The Honda was sitting unattended for several hours while the brothers were tooling around Watertown in the van. If there WAS a setup in place that night, there was plenty of time for evidence to be planted.

Dzhokhar confessed again in the hospital, calling the bombing payback for US wars in the Mideast. He stopped talking after being Mirandized. This “confession” was extracted while he was in serious condition with wounds to his head, face, neck, hand, and legs, and was under the influence of Dilaudin, a strong opiate. It was not videotaped.

The discovery of these two Muslim psychos offered an opportunity to close a cold case involving a drug-related triple murder in Watertown. Tamerlan knew one of the victims, making him a suspect. The FBI tracked down his accomplice, a Chechen named Ibragim Todashev, and questioned him in his Florida apartment. Todashev, who was recovering from knee surgery, admitted that he helped Tamerlan commit the triple murder. As he was about to sign a confession, he suddenly lunged at the agents with a knife, or a ceremonial sword, or a stick of wood. The agents were forced to defend themselves by shooting him six times in the torso and finishing him off with a shot to the back of the head.

Does anyone actually believe this story? Why kill a useful witness? Did Todashev have inconvenient knowledge about the Tsarnaevs? Did he know something about Tamerlan’s connection to a government agency and/or a bomb drill?

In late August, Dzhokhar became subject to Special Administrative Measures, which put him in virtual solitary confinement and limited his contact with the outside world and with his legal team. The stated reason for imposing these measures is that Tsarnaev has tried to incite others to jihad. There is no evidence (other than the spurious boat-note) that he has tried to incite anyone to jihad; he certainly made no effort to do so during the four months before the imposition of the SAMs.

These measures (considered akin to torture by some) have been used against terror suspects in the past as a way to pressure them into settling for a plea deal. Are the SAMs a response to the defense’s determination to take this case to trial?





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