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Come Saturday Morning: Various Observations

Things that puzzle me this Saturday morning:

— Why is it that there was far more internet chatter over the fake right-wing-orchestrated “Obama selfie” Fauxgate (which has been heartily debunked by the AFP photographer whose picture the righties demagogued to the heavens, by the way) than there has been over the fact that a rich kid in Texas, Ethan Couch, just walked off scot-free after killing four people?

— Why is Julian Assange a bad guy for “releasing too much” Wikileaks material (which he actually didn’t; his only mistake was trusting that the Guardian investigative editor David Leigh wouldn’t do something as boneheaded as make the password to the Wikileaks trove a chapter heading in his quickie book on the Wikileaks story) whereas Glenn Greenwald is a bad guy for “not releasing enough” Snowden material?

— Why is John Boehner getting credit for “standing up to the Tea Party wing of the GOP” when he did the Tea Party’s bidding and blocked a Democratic-backed vote to continue funding unemployment insurance?

— Why should anyone care about the opinion of Donald Trump, a serial business failure and grifter who wears what looks like a dead raccoon on his head?

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