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The universe might be one big hologram

Good day folks.

Nelson Mandela’s Death and Legacy, Day 9

Palestinians draw inspiration from Mandela on anti-apartheid activism

– “The Shifting Economics of the ANC

– Amy Goodman: Mandela: The man and the movement

– John Pilger: “Mandela’s Greatness May Be Assured, but Not His Legacy

International Developments


– “Chemical weapons were probably used in four locations in Syria this year in addition to the confirmed attack near Damascus in August, United Nations inspectors said on Thursday.

– “A retired FBI agent missing for seven years after disappearing in Iran was on an unauthorized mission for the CIA, according to an explosive new report on Thursday that contradicted the official explanation that he was on private business.” More here.

– “US’s top Iran negotiator: Sanctions relief ‘envisioned’ at $6-7 billion

– Why is the U.S. getting in the U.N.’s way of making drinking water a right?

– “Anoud Senussi, the daughter of Qaddafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi, has said her father should be brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for trial. She claimed that he would not receive a fair hearing in Libya and that he would face the death penalty there.

– “Kerry’s Coup

– ” French President François Hollande sought to take advantage of a chill in U.S.-Brazil relations to push a French bid for a multibillion-dollar fighter-jet contract during a visit to Brasilia on Thursday.

– U.N. asks India to review its gay sex ban

– “In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday.

Middle East

– Drone strike has killed 15 civilians who were going to a wedding party. Kevin has more.

– Regarding the “non-existent” left in Israel

– Part 3 of interview with Phyllis Bennis

– “Hagel threatens to cut $1.6 billion Pakistan aid because [of] Drone Protests Blocking NATO Convoys

– Juan Cole: “Has a European Boycott of Israeli Colonies in the Palestinian West Bank Begun?

– Member of Lebanon Parlimanet Samy Gemayel: Hezbollah intervention in Syria has brought conflict into Lebanon

– In southern Syria, U.S. and UK “carving out” a security section for rebels [cont’d.]

Photo by Gareth Hannaford, used under Creative Commons license

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