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Gottfrid Svartholm and Robert Levinson, Two More Victims Of Lying, Spying, Thieving Generals

General Petraeus, General Clapper, General Allen, General Alexander, and General Dempsey have led the Phony War On Terror for twelve years. They have failed, or perhaps they intended to fail. These high ranking military officers deserve a special place in hell and certainly a special place as the worst military leaders in history.


The failed Generals have led the wars, secret and otherwise for twelve years. They have created a Police State, in the USA supported with lies catapulted by corporate shills. They have given us an Assassination Industry of murder by Robot Assassin Drones. They have created a corrupt network of false front corporations that privatize the violence and propaganda. They “retire” and receive million dollar salaries.

The current General leading us to victory in Afghanistan, General Dempsey, threatened the Afghan Government, such as it is, with a civil war funded by US taxpayers. Afghans object to Drone murder and have not been sufficiently subservient to to the US neo-cons. President Karzai, who receives Bags of Cash from America, may want more Bags of Cash.

In a response to a somewhat leading question from the French newspaper Le Monde in an interview published Tuesday, “Do you think the USA is behaving like a colonial power,” President Karzai said:

“Absolutely. They threaten us by saying ‘We will no longer pay your salaries; we will drive you into a civil war.’ These are threats,” Karzai said.

These rotten military leaders have disgraced the US Military. They have used the troops for cannonfodder, as these Generals get rewarded with million dollar payoffs.

There are military leaders who do demonstrate honor and duty. Most have been purged, if they do not promote the neo-con new world order. Marine General Michael Lehnert is one General who has shown courage and integrity. This General opened the Guantanamo prison. Now he wants it closed. Shoutout to General Lehnert.

In retrospect, the entire detention and interrogation strategy was wrong. We squandered the goodwill of the world after we were attacked by our actions in Guantánamo, both in terms of detention and torture. Our decision to keep Guantánamo open has helped our enemies because it validates every negative perception of the United States…

It is time to close Guantánamo. Our departure from Afghanistan is a perfect point in history to close the facility.

The worst of the worst of these Generals is General Michael Hayden. This General was the Director of the CIA until 2009. Under his leadership, the CIA spy Robert Levinson, was dispatched to Iran in 2007. For six years, the Spies and Generals lied about Levinson claiming he was a private citizens. Levinson was captured, probably by the Iranian secret police. But the Spies and Generals lied to the American people and they lied to Congress. Their criminal wars need a continuing “bodyguard of lies”.

The news organization AP has given us some information about Levinson and his CIA spying mission. CNN says they can confirm AP’s story.

Both the State Department and Bob Levinson’s family have long denied he was working for the U.S. government when he disappeared on a trip to Iran in 2007.

A source who’s involved in the matter told CNN that there’s proof that Levinson worked for the CIA undercover and under contract while also working as a private investigator.

AP says they learned that Levinson was a CIA Spy in 2010. Government censors suppressed the story three times. How many other stories has the Government suppressed”?

“The AP first confirmed Levinson’s CIA ties in 2010 and continued reporting to uncover more details. It agreed three times to delay publishing the story because the U.S. government said it was pursuing promising leads to get him home,” the news agency said in its report. “The AP is reporting the story now because, nearly seven years after his disappearance, those efforts have repeatedly come up empty. The government has not received any sign of life in nearly three years. Top U.S. officials, meanwhile, say his captors almost certainly already know about his CIA association.”

Here is another story AP and the CIA has suppressed. The founder of Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm has been imprisoned in Dennmark. His crime was playing computer games better than the National Security Agency, NSA. His punishment is probably similar to Levinson’s, indefinite detention in solitary confinement.

Since his arrival in Denmark to face hacking charges Gottfrid Svartholm has sat in solitary confinement, denied free access to mail and denied access to his books. The situation has outraged Wikileaks’ Julian Assange who says Gottfrid is now a political prisoner. Meanwhile Gottfrid’s mother Kristina has written to Amnesty hoping that they will take notice of her son’s plight…

In a recent letter sent to Amnesty and shared with TorrentFreak, Gottfrid’s mother Kristina explains her son’s plight. She says that Gottfrid is being kept in solitary and treated as if he were a “dangerous, violent and aggressive criminal” even though his only crime – if any – is hacking.

Solitary confienement is torture. And there are many other freedom fighters who have been punished for revealing the truth about government crimes. Bradley Manning was tortured in a military prison. Susan Lindauer was imprisoned for a year in a military prison. She revealed information that suggested the 9-11 attacks were an inside job.

Gottfrid Svarholm-Warg appears to be a talented hacker. He is accused of breaking into a secretive, and powerful corporation, Computer Science Corporation, CSC.

The 29-year-old Svartholm Warg, along with a 20-year-old Dane, are suspected of breaching computers with Danish firm CSC, a company that manages back-end IT operations for several public agencies in Denmark.

Specifically, it is alleged that the Swede downloaded a large number of files from CSC mainframes, including police records.

Svartholm-Warg has previously appealed to the Swedish government to stop the extradition, arguing that while the Danish hacker attack may have been traced to his computer, he had not actually carried it out.

CSC is apparently another affiliate of the NSA. It is just another tip of the iceberg of Universal NSA Dragnet. Governments give money to their spies. The spies give money to corporations that then hire the spies at inflated salaries.

Between 2009 and 2013, three German subsidiaries of CSC were given 100 contracts by ten ministries and the Chancellor’s office, a report by German TV channel NDR and Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung said.

Their investigation showed that CSC was also cooperating with the National Security Agency (NSA) to develop a new IT system and an espionage software. The US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also used the company’s services, the report said.

General Hayden and General Clapper have worked for more than twenty years to give generous government contracts to CSC. It is all about the money.

The collaboration between Computer Science Corporation and the NSA has existed for quite some time. On its homepage, the company states that it has been delivering computer hardware and software to the NSA for the past twenty years. The cooperation is so extensive that the computer company CSC has an exchange agreement with the intelligence agency NSA. The agreement means that the computer company and the intelligence agency can exchange employees for brief or extended periods of time.

Hayden, who was the NSA director at the time, “put a lot of trust in the private sector, and a lot of trust in Clapper, because Clapper was his mentor,” added Loomis. And once he got approval, “he was hell-bent on privatization and nothing was going to derail that.” Clapper is now President Obama’s director of national intelligence, and has denounced the Guardian leaks as “reprehensible.”

We should mention that the mendacious General Clapper lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Irak, in order to have a war.

Strangely enough, CSC is being investigated for corruption.

Just as Gottfrid’s mother is strongly defending her son, the Levinson’s family is similarly standing by the breadwinner of their family. But the Levinson’s have received millions of dollars of our taxpayer money. Levinson was paid significant amounts for his spying. For the family and his wife the pain is almost impossible to bear. But the money certainly helps to ease the pain. They have had their seventh Thanksgiving without “Bob”.

Our family will soon gather for our seventh Thanksgiving without Bob, and the pain will be almost impossible to bear. Yet, as we endure this terrible nightmare from which we can not wake, we know that we must bear it for Bob, the most extraordinary man we have ever known.

Gottfrid’s mother may miss her son also. The victims of Drone terror attacks may consider that robot murder is impossible pain. The innocent victims in the Gitmo Gulag probably think they are in a nightmare.


The CIA is claiming that Levinson was on a “rogue” mission. Levinson wanted to meet with an assassin of the Iranian government, Dawud Salahuddin. What could go wrong? Levinson was captured immediately after that. AP claims this meeting was set up by an NBC producer Ira Silverman. Silverman is described as an investigative reporter. And the plot gets weirder.

Levinson’s source on Kish was Dawud Salahuddin, an American fugitive wanted for killing a former Iranian diplomat in Maryland in 1980. In interviews with ABC News and the New Yorker, Salahuddin has admitted killing the diplomat

Since fleeing to Iran, Salahuddin had become close to some in the Iranian government, particularly to those seen as reformers and moderates.

To set up the meeting, Levinson worked with a longtime friend, retired NBC investigative reporter Ira Silverman. Silverman had talked at length with Salahuddin and, in a 2002 piece for the New Yorker magazine, portrayed him as a potential intelligence source if the U.S. could coax him out of Iran. The subtitle of the article: “He’s an assassin who fled the country. Could he help Washington now?”

Two of Levinson’s CIA co-conspirators were Anne Jablonski and Tim Sampson who hired Levinson in 2006. Levinson travelled to Iran and disappeared. Levinson was a former FBI agent and the FBI asked the CIA if Levinson was a CIA agent. AP says Jablonski and Sampson lied to the CIA internal investigators. The CIA then lied to the FBI, and said that Levinson was not a CIA agent. The CIA also lied to members of the Congressional Intelligence Committee.

Are you confused yet? A colleague of Levinson, David McGee discovered personal e-mails between Levinson and Jablonski. He gave them to the Senate Intelligence Committe in 2007. Obviously, they should have asked NSA for e-mails, since NSA has everybody’s e-mail.

And were Jablonski and Sampson punished? No. They were rewarded. They did not receive almost three million dollars as did the Levinson family. They were hired by other affiliates of the Intelligence Community.

Jablonski now analyzes risk for companies doing business overseas.

Sampson, the former head of CIA’s Illicit Finance group, quickly returned to the government, landing a job at the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence division. O’Toole, the young contracts officer, moved to the Treasury Department.


The NSA could solve this mystery. They have records of everyone. They know how to use them for COINTELPRO. They use their surveillance against people who fight for peace, justice and freedom. They use their surveillance to protect war profiteers and spies who lie to Congress. Nothing is beyond their reach.

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