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I’ve started this thing twice already and both times have resulted in the same highlight and delete function. So here we go, every time is a charm, it’s just that the third is the one that has cemented all those non-concrete thoughts swirling around.

So mount your Pegasus, and let us take to the winds eh? For those of you that are not in the know, your Pegasus is tied to that fence outside, you just have to untie the simple knot and hold on, I’m not sure if you’re read for that, but isn’t that what you’ve been secretly asking yourself your entire life? Am I ready? Things appear as though everything is waiting for you, waiting for you to just untie that little knot. Let’s not get into the banter about who created the knot, nor its purpose, all we know is it’s holding us back from taking to the sky and stretching for awhile.

The first time I rode a Pegasus, her name was Cherry and no she wasn’t receiving dollar bills ya’ll, but rather my inherent blacked out mind, one that reminded her just as my heels were digging in, I truly didn’t know anything, like whoah Pegasus, whoah girl, this dude doesn’t know a thing!!!

I’ve always heard Terence McKenna’s voice in one of those long sit down talks he gave, often the ones that run past 2 hours or so, some may even approach a quarter of an entire day…..anyway, I’ve always heard him explaining to the crowd, “Why, why have you chosen me of all people?” And the answer came back the moment it was sent, “Because you know nothing.” (He was asking a medicinal plant at the time.)

So maybe that’s it, maybe that was my ticket to the head over heels ride I received from a dark winged horse named Cherry, I didn’t have time to sit and observe the insanity. Really, insanity compared to what? All this banter about “normal,” and in a world in which we compare everything and everyone, how come that little question has been left on the wayside, “Normal compared to what?” Is it normal that a peace prize receiving man has secretly assured everyone that his “kill list,” is alllll good folks, range rover, all woooooood. Seriously? Backtracking, and again I don’t know anything, but I’m told he received THE Nobel PEACE prize, for doing what exactly? And all you crazies thinking the voting can’t possibly be rigged, or controlled, or however else you want to not look at obvious things….again, I don’t know anything, I just find it normal. “Because every vote counts!!” HA!

So today I take my daily bread, spread a little butter and look out the window to a grey and cold world. Should I call down the aliens? You want me to throw some pepper on that sausage or what? Or are you fine with reading about all the he said she said stuff because again, you just can’t find yourself to walk out the back door and untie that damn knot. So here we sit, waiting for you, ya go on, find all the links you want to prove your point, prove that he said this and actually did that!!! The NERVE!! Ouch that stuff simmers when you approach it, simmers those nose hairs, you know the ones, the tiny blonde ones on the top of your nose, the ones that nobody can see, but only you when you take the extra 5 minutes to really, I mean really, come face to face with a face that is said to be a face at face value….whatever that is.

So here we go, staring at that damn knot, I don’t know, looks tricky, like maybe even doubled up and down or something, some kind of twirly configuration that even the most advanced DNA scientists would scratch their heads at. No, not the ones that lived in the Amazon jungle high on ayahuasca that actually drew a double helix before Crick and his counterpart, but the ones in the white coats that signify healing, you know the ones.

Alas, Wall St. is finally coming to your door, knocking on it in an ever pervasive manner, demanding you pay, demanding your children pay, “You sir, must pay, there is no question about it, we have a three lettered acronym to prove it.” Your children are in our hands now, as they have been when you first sent them off to “school” so you could “work” in the factory, I LOVE THAT normal ring to it, it’s like the normal blur of television in the background so you can forget all that’s happened in your waking life to allow you to de-stress and find some sleep. Does your subconscious love television or you? It’s ok though, we’re all normal here folks, no need to worry or ACT out in some crazy thoughtful way.

We have to find jobs guys. If we don’t, then we don’t have a job, and we can’t play the game we’re all being run around in. You know the game, that whole food thing being under lock and key. In order to pass Go you must work for $200, and then next year, of course, due to inflation, you know that middleman that doesn’t have a name or an address, will be approximately $208, or so say the graphs and fun colored charts. What if geometry that was taught in school was secretly the installment of a mind program that accepted pie charts without question…..because the colors are so cool and neatly pressed, no questions here folks, it’s all math, don’t ask the teacher why this was your grade, and why you’re here, here’s yo bread and if you keep asking that damn question you won’t get no butta.

That damn knot is now flailing in the wind and rain outside. Looking slippery now and damn it looks cold, I can see ice building on the Pegasus’s eye lashes. That’s when you know things are going to get drastic.

It’s funny because it’s been staring at you your whole life, right outside the window, like, right. there. right. there. And yet your vision has been skewed by the window dressing or whatever seasonal riff raff landed there from China or the patriotic USA. Hark, you can’t see what you don’t want to see, let alone hear what you don’t want to hear….however that damn door knocking in the back of your head is getting really annoying, and sure, we can search the house for anything, I mean anything, to try and take our senses off of it, but it’s a different kind of knock. Not one created through a five-fingered-knuckle-clutching-3-volumes-of-tax-code knock, but rather something that scares you even more, that knock that is slowly, beating into your everyday reality, like an added bass cello that you never knew was there…..slowly getting louder now, and in your soul, you know it’s time to return, return to whence you came.

All in one direction, however we continue to try and complicate things and convince ourselves that all this stuff is real, all this stuff matters. I mean in a world created by “matter” it’s got to matter right? My note has to be the loudest, I must ring true throughout the halls of infinity….and yet we’re all sitting in our chairs, waiting for you to play your damn note like you were created to, so that we can all play one giant symphony without having to hear from a lone brass player too cracked out on his own ego.

We’re gentle here in the land of unknowing. We accept and reject everything, for we have no purpose but to let things pass through without control. A sort of acceptance, teetering on non-compliance, built around energies that we’re tirelessly about to let go of.

It was only a knot, and yet it held the world, the universe in one great pointless symphony. The ego doesn’t matter in a world of matter, it’s the soul, that beat, that slow and obnoxious thing that is somehow, someway, calling you, outside that little house you built, outside to the ever waiting waters of freedom and love, I mean hell, you get a Pegasus, what more could you want? I’ll take a baker’s dozen of Pegasusi, and no that’s not a sushi order but it should be.

Well my winged friends, you know the tune, I’d say listen a bit more not to the tune of that obnoxious normalled out society, but to the inner workings of something that’s part of the big symphony, I mean, that’s why you’re here right?!

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