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Perhaps something DC investigative journalist might want to look into

On the day that the merger between American Airlines and US Airways is made official, the new federal budget is announced and part of the framework to raise revenues is by raising airline fees. Anyone with an inkling of understanding capitalism(profit margins are sacrosanct), knows what this means for the general flying public. I will not bother to put links up to stories about the merger or the fees(we all know how the use the internet by now) and that now only 4 major carriers control 80% of the U.S. market, what options would fliers have?  Anti-trust laws immediately come to mind on why this should never happen but as we have seen by now, laws in the American Empire are applied selectively to certain groups.

Supposedly the airlines balked at the idea of raising fees, but all the articles I came across where “airlines protest fees” it was in fact consumer advocacy groups where the ones actually protesting. Here is just one.

This on top of federal pensions being sucked dry and no help for the unemployed.  The public will be told how the R’s and D’s got something done and no one is happy, however the  truth is there are some that are happy, the 1% as usual.

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