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Who We Remember and Who We Forget

Carl Sandburg . . .

Ten minutes now I have been looking at this. I have gone by here before and wondered about it. This is a bronze memorial of a famous general riding horseback with a flag and a sword and a revolver on him. I want to smash the whole thing into a pile of scrap to be hauled away to the junkyard.

For almost thirty years now we have been looking at this.  Many Americans have gone by here and wondered about it . . .


This is the National Security Agency. I want to smash the whole thing into a pile of scrap, haul it away to a junkyard, dig a hole a mile deep and bury it.

I don’t care what all the corporate media puppets are saying, we don’t need entitlement reform.   We need national security reform, comprehensive effing REFORM so every American will be protected against the real threats facing us–from the NSA and the Pentagon and the CIA and our militarized police.  We need security from global warming, we need security from rampaging banks and the predatory rich and greedy corporate CEOs.

That’s what we need security from.

I was going to write 38 diaries in a row about what national security should mean, about US militarism, about the corporate degeneration of American society and culture, about who we honor and who we don’t, about who we remember and who we forget,  about where we’ve been, what’s gone wrong, and where we need to be, but I think I’ll just let Carl sum this up . . .

I put it straight to you. After the farmer, the miner, the shop man, the factory hand, the fireman and the teamster have all been remembered with bronze memorials, shaping them on the job of getting all of us something to eat and something to wear; when they stack a few silhouettes against the sky here in the park, and show the real heroes who are doing the work of the world, feeding people instead of butchering them, then maybe I will stand here and look easy at this general of the army holding a flag in the air, and riding like hell on horseback, ready to kill anybody that gets in his way

That about covers it.

More and more people in this country are finally recognizing what’s a threat and what isn’t, they’re realizing who should be honored with memorials and who shouldn’t be, they’re finally understanding who was a patriot and who wasn’t, they’re remembering who told them the truth, they’re remembering who never has and who never will.

Someday, where the Pentagon used to be, there’ll be a bronze memorial honoring Daniel Ellsberg. Where the Marine Corps Brig at Quantico used to be, there’ll be a bronze memorial honoring Chelsea Manning. Where the NSA used to be, there’ll a bronze memorial honoring Edward Snowden.  Moral courage will be remembered.  It will be honored.  Everywhere

There will be justice.  Across this country.  Every time we speak out we bring that day a little closer.

The road is so long.  The suffering isn’t over.

But it will be.

Because the Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped . . .

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