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Late Night: I Called the GOP’s Second Shutdown Jones Two Weeks Ago

Remember all those articles on how neatly the budget negotiations were going? How even the Tea Partiers who’d forced the government to shut down in October were playing nice? How it seemed as if John Boehner had got control of his caucus?

Guess what:

The hints that the extremists in the House Republican caucus weren’t going to along with leaderships idea to avoid talk of a shutdown before Christmas have become a concrete threat. Leadership announced earlier this week that they were going to have a continuing resolution ready just in case budget negotiations stalled by the December 13 deadline congress has imposed on itself. The current CR funds government through January 15, but Congress hoped to have at least the fundamentals of the budget hammered out before December recess.

Now that short-term CR that leadership said they’d use as a bridge to make sure there wasn’t any threat of a shutdown has turned into a tool for the hardliners to threaten shutdown.

Heh. GOP Shutdown 2: Electric Boogaloo is taxiing on the runway and will soon be cleared for takeoff.

Who could have predicted that the GOP’s Suicide Caucusers, the same people who signed the Meadows Letter, the same people who started planning the October 2013 shutdown nine months earlier, would be stupid enough to try it again?

Well, me, for one.

I called this thing two weeks ago:

To top it all off, these bozos will soon be putting us all through Shutdown 2: Electric Boogaloo shortly after the start of the new year. Yes, they are indeed dumb enough to try that move during an election year, when their fellow Republicans will be wanting to get out and raise the money they need both for the general election and to fight off primary challengers backed by the same people funding the Tea Partiers sitting next to them on the House and Senate floors.

Because yes, they are that crazy.

It was true then. It’s just easier for most folks to see now.

Musical accompaniment courtesy of Ringo Starr.

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