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Chatterjee’s article appeared in AlterNet as, CIA’s Disastrous “Bourne” Strategy. It was also published at FDL as “Hollywood Without the Happy Ending, How the CIA Bungled the War on Terror”

I made the comment that there is much in this article that is valid. There are also many claims by Chatterjee that are questionable. There is also much Forbidden History that Chatterjee ignores. Chatterjee blames the failure of THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR on the expensive contractors, the privatization of war and intelligence.

Pratterjee is eiher ignorant that this is a feature, not a bug of the “Intelligence Community”. Or he is catapulting this propaganda as an excuse for the previous twelve years of failure. But it is not a failure. It is policy. US Government terrorism needs assassins and torturers. They use secret mercenaries for manufactured terror, as do all corrupt Empires.

Should we believe that spy mercenaries are merely incompetent?

So what about the Jason Bourne-like contractors working for GRS who turned
out to be the gang that couldn’t shoot straight? How successful have they been
in helping the CIA sniff out al-Qaeda globally? It’s a good guess, based on what
we already know, that their record would be no better than that of the rest of
the CIA.

My response to this nonsense:

Although much of this article is worthwhile, Chatterjee is also catapulting disinformation. How successful have they been snuffing out Al Qaeda? They do not wish to snuff out Al Qaeda. The CIA and Graham Fuller and Saudi Arabia created Al Qaeda. They created Bin Laden. Of course Saudi Arabia and Bandar Bush should get credit along with the CIA for using Al Qaeda to create a civil war in Syria. The 9-11 hijackers were Saudi secret agents that were protected by General Hayden and the NSA.

After twelve years of a phony war on terror it is obvious that Al Qaeda will never be defeated. It is a not-so-secret mercenary army of the One Percent, used
to justify repression and torture and assassination. And we now know the NSA records all communications but the clever terrorists slipped through their Universal Dragnet.

But the US Secret Police did capture Private Manning, Aaron Swartz, Jeffrey Sterling, Jeremy Hammond and many other freedom fighters. And the US Secret Police assassins murdered Pat Tillman and probably murdered Michael Hastings.

Chatterjee does criticize NSA Dragnet. He fails to mention Snowden’s first revelation. AP was targeted by US Secret Police for revealing that the Second
Underwear Bomber was going to be another False Flag terror attack against American citizens. The CIA’s terror program is a success because they continue
to create neverending False Flag Terror attacks.

It should be emphasized that we are all spied on. And there are many other victims of NSA Dragnet that I did not include such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Susan Lindauer. Former government insiders who tried to expose the corrupt Spymasters such as Peter Van Buren,Thomas Drake and William Binney, have been suppressed and neutralized, and their careers destroyed. Leaders of foreign countries are monitored by the NSA so they do not interfere with the plans of the New World Order.

Chatterjee reports that the Secret Government recruits criminals and “terror suspects”.

Associated Press revealed that the CIA had selected a few dozen men from among the hundreds of terror suspects being held at Guantanamo and trained them to be double agents at a cluster of eight cottages in a program dubbed “Penny Lane.” (Yes, indeed, the name was taken from the Beatles song, as was “Strawberry Fields,” a Guantanamo program that involved torturing “high-value” detainees.) These men were then returned to what the Bush administration liked to call the “global battlefield,” where their mission was to befriend members of al-Qaeda and supply targeting information for the Agency’s drone assassination program.

The double agents will supply “targeting information”, and then the armed Drones, Robot Assassins will Win The War! No members of the US military have to risk their lives. And the Drone Operators are always successful and hardly ever kill innocent women and children. No Americans need to make sacrifices. It is a Perfect War except that it is all lies. The official government policy is to kill them all and let God sort them out.

Can we depend on these spy recruits to help destroy or help capture the other Al Qaeda terrorists? That never happens. The double agents always seem to commit more terror rather than neutralizing other terrorists. Consider the double agents, Ali Mohamed, David Headley, Underwear Bomber #2, and the handler for Abdulmutallab, Underwear Bomber #1. Only Headley is in prison, or the “Authorities” say he is in prison. We really do not know for certain if these double agents are doing more US Government sponsored terror.

And speaking of “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” in my ears and in my eyes. The Fab Four were publicly opposed to the Vietnam War. They were part of the counter culture and the glorious decade of the 1960’s.

Context is everything or almost everything and Chatterjee seems to be ignorant of history. Then as now, the Spymasters collected information to use against Anti-War activists. The FBI and local police departments spied on them, just as they do now. The most moral people in the USA, the “Radicals”, opposed the Vietnam War. Many of them had their careers destroyed. Some, such as Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. were murdered for their inspirational leadership, by government assassins.

The Spies and the Oligarchs have no culture. So they steal and exploit the symbols of peace, justice and freedom of the counter culture. The spies used those symbols and names for their obscene Torture Camps and their obscene wars. That is Payback because the warmongers never forgive or forget. The CIA assassination program “Operation Phoenix” murdered tens of thousands of people. The strange events concerning the assassination John Lennon might suggest another CIA assassination of an inspirational leader.

Chatterjee does document some of the many Contractor debacles. The reason for the many failures is just the Clumsy Contractors and the Clumsy Spies who hire them. But his narrative of Benghazi is pure deception.

A year and a half later, two more GRS contractors made front-page news under the worst of circumstances. Former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods had been assigned to a CIA base in Benghazi, Libya, where the Agency was attempting to track a developing North African al-Qaeda movement and recover heavy weapons, including Stinger missiles, that had been looted from state arsenals in the wake of an U.S.-NATO intervention which led to the fall of the autocrat Muammar Qaddafi.

On September 11, 2012, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was staying at a nearby diplomatic compound when it came under attack. Militants entered the buildings and set them on fire. A CIA team, including Doherty, rushed to the rescue, although ultimately, unlike Hollywood’s action teams, they did not save Stevens or the day. In fact, several hours later, the militants raided the CIA
base, killing both Doherty and Woods.

Supposedly, the CIA at Benghazi were trying recover heavy weapons, and Stinger missles. Why are the thirty or more Benghazi spies required to take “lie detector” tests every month? Chatterlee is promoting a cover story. It is to conceal that these spies were smuggling weapons to the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria. And the “fall of Qaddafi” was the result of a US Armed Drone attack.

And his narrative fails to mention that the private contractors and bodyguards abandoned Ambassador Stevens. Or perhaps the Ambassador was also killed by these bodyguards. The Benghazi Conspiracy was started the same day by Mitt Romney. Then Fox News, Ollie North and the vast neo-con propaganda machine, began to call for Impeachment of the President because of Benghazi. General Petraeus, CIA Director, and his Team Petraeus almost immediately produced their own false narrative with Talking Points for Sunday tee vee talk shows.

Susan Rice used those Talking Points and lied to the American people.

There is some criticism of the tactics used by Intelligence Community. We should be concerned that Secret Police might clamp down on dissent everywhere. Except the sixteen civilian US Secret Police spy organizations, have clamped down on dissent everywhere. And the even more secretive military spy organizations probably help with the repression.

Take, for example, the slew of documents Edward Snowden — another private contractor who at one point worked for the CIA — released about secret NSA programs attempting to suck up global communications at previously unimaginable rates. There have been howls of outrage across the planet, including from spied-upon heads of state. Those denouncing such blatant invasions of privacy have regularly raised the fear that we might be witnessing the rise of a secret-police-like urge to clamp down on dissent everywhere.

Another concern that Chatterjee describes, is how the War On Terror creates more enemies for America to kill.

If you could find a phrase that was the polar opposite of “more bang for your buck,” all of these efforts would qualify. In the case of the CIA, keep in mind as well that you’re talking about an agency which has for years conducted drone assassination campaigns in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Hundreds of innocent men, women, and children have been killed along with numerous al-Qaeda types and “suspected militants,”

Actually, the number of “innocent” victims is not hundreds, but thousands. Chatterjee is not critical of fighting secret wars. He just wants the violence to be more successful. If the Jason Bourne-types could shoot straighter we would win the wars. Chatterjee ignores that these wars were based on lies about weapons of mass destruction. And he has failed to notice the terrorists of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden were created by Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

As details of programs like Penny Lane and GRS tumble out into the open, shedding light on how the CIA has fought its secret war, it is becoming clearer that the full story of the Agency’s failures, and the larger failures of U.S. intelligence and its paramilitarized, privatized sidekicks has yet to be told.

This Phony War On Terror is not a CIA failure. It is a CIA success. They have had twelve years of unlimited war profiteering. And the spies and corrupt Generals promise us ten more years of this horror.

There is more to question. Chatterjee was an “embedded reporter” in Irak and Afghanistan. That means he was vetted and approved by the Secret Government. Of course almost all the corporate pretend journalists and millionaire tee vee talking heads, are embedded shills who have catapulted lies for twelve years. And the lies continue, not just on the “news” programs. The “entertainment” shows, and Hollywood movies that Chatterjee references so frequently, also spread the government mythology of the Phony War on Terror.

Chatterjee does have some more explaining to do. He is a board member of Amnesty International USA. Amnesty International has refused to declare Chelsea Manning
a “Prisoner of Conscience”, despite the torture against Private Manning and the revelations of war crimes.

Over two years ago, in January of 2011, Amnesty USA told me they were “investigating” if Bradley Manning qualified as a “Prisoner of Conscience”. They told me they weren’t sure about his motivations and they’d have to look at his
employment contract. I was then dismayed to see that the LA Times editorial board, hardly a revolutionary group, came out with a strong denunciation of Manning’s barbaric pre-trial detention before Amnesty had made any public
statement in his defence.

Members of the Pussy Riot band in Russia were jailed on February 21, 2012. Less than 2 months later, Amnesty declared them to be “prisoners of conscience” (POC).

The blazing speed with which Amnesty declared them Prisoners of Conscience prompted me to renew my inquiries about Manning. Almost all my emails went unanswered except for one in which no explanation was given though it was “hoped” that somebody from their “research team” would soon answer me.

Has Amnesty International been infiltrated and subverted by the NSA, as has so many other so-called human right organizations? Who can say?

Let us give Chatterjee the benefit of the doubt. He probably is not an Agent of Disinformation. Rather he is merely a Useful Idiot who does not realize that he catapults propaganda for the One Percent.

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