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Pull Up a Chair: Holiday Movies

Netflix is streaming Love, Actually this year. I saw it when it first came out, but I’ve wanted to see it again so tonight I’m popping the corn (2003 seems so long ago).

It’s too soon for me to re-watch either Holiday Inn or White Christmas. Are you one of those who ritually watches It’s a Wonderful Life? Another holiday flick I’d love to see again is Scrooged, but sadly that one isn’t streaming. I enjoy almost all the film iterations of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The book itself is not a long read so I’ll often read it in December, ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby (you’ll thank me later for that ear worm).

Of course not everyone celebrates Christmas, but year-end is always a good time for reflection nonetheless, I think that’s universal. What movies do you watch at the end of the year for fun or inspiration, or memories? Obscure is good, too. Any promising new ones? And please include Hanukkah-themed ones as well, even though this year it has already been and gone.

And thank you all for the music suggestions last week, I hope you also have a nice playlist now to listen to through New Year’s.

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