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The Roundup for December 6th, 2013

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Hey everyone, hope everything is going fine

Nelson Mandela’s Death and Legacy, Day 2

Celebrating Nelson Mandela

He will be buried on Dec 15th as the globe still mourns

– “Mandela: We want equal Political Rights; When Protest was Outlawed, we chose Sabotage

– “The Mandela Years in Power

– Pew: South Africa’s history in charts

Five statements by Mandela on the U.S.

– “How Nelson Mandela changed the course of history for South Africa and the U.S.

How the right have tried to discredit Mandela and their latest problem 

The power of communal grief with Mandela’s death

– Rich Santorum: Apartheid in South Africa like Obamacare

– “The second death of Nelson Mandela

– Hollywood blogger exploits Mandela’s death by promoting movie on him

The women in his life and what he meant for them

– Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras: Mandela was an “ideological fighter against violence

A dissenting opinion over Mandela

– “Nelson Mandela, the conscience of the world

– Regarding Mandela and income inequality

– Despite fighting against apartheid, he did not go beyond to extreme inequality

– “The Meaning of Mandela

– Both the U.S. and Israel opposed Mandela and supported apartheid

– Glen Ford: “Mandela Embodied the Victories and Failures of the South African Liberation Struggle

The top ten songs on Nelson Mandela

– “ALEC opposed divestment from South Africa’s apartheid regime

– “At least three American presidents will travel to South Africa to attend memorial services for anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday at age 95.

– Katrina vanden Heuvel: “This Week in ‘Nation’ History: Nelson Mandela’s Courage Through the Years

International Developments


– “China is taking the highly unusual step of refusing to participate in a United Nations arbitration process over a territorial conflict with the Philippines, one of five countries challenging Beijing’s claims of ownership over the oil-rich South China Sea.

– “Where the Torture Never Stops

– “The United Nations and the United States called Friday for investigations into the findings of a Reuters report that Thai immigration officials moved Myanmar refugees into human trafficking rings.

– Next week, Iran and P6 will meet to implement signed deal

– “We Are America: Guantánamo, The Aamer Appeal, and the Passion of Andrés Thomas Conteris

– “The U.N. General Assembly elected Jordan to the Security Council on Friday to replace Saudi Arabia, which rejected the seat it won in an unprecedented act to protest the council’s failure to end the Syrian and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Middle East

– “Syrian Artists Pick Up the Pieces

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for car bomb attack at Yemeni defense ministry that killed 52

– “An international conference of the world’s great powers could help to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the face of the impasse in the current bilateral talks, according to a senior Palestinian negotiator who walked out of the peace process last month.

Lessons from “Dirty Wars”

– “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is opening the door for the U.S. to sell missile defense and other weapons systems to a group of U.S.-friendly Gulf nations. The move is intended to help counter Iran’s ballistic missiles, even as global powers ink a nuclear deal with Tehran.

Asia & Oceania

– “Thai anti-government protesters on Friday set a new deadline for bringing down the government, vowing that December 9 was an auspicious time for all of their supporters to join a final push for victory.

– “Making trouble and alternatives in Asia

– “A ban on the construction of new government buildings in China is not being enforced effectively, the government said on Friday, ordering a new crackdown to ensure promises are kept to rein in extravagance and pervasive corruption.

– North Korea has freed U.S. veteran it held captive

– “Joe Biden, the US vice-president, reaffirmed his country’s commitment to the Asia-Pacific region as he met the South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, in Seoul at the end of a week-long regional trip defined by friction over China’s new air defence zone.


– A Tunisian rapper, after insulting police, has been jailed for four months

– “The Egyptian Military’s Lost Bet on the Police

– Egyptian police have fired tear gas to end clashes in Cairo

– “France rushed troops to Central African Republic on Friday but violence between Muslim and Christian militias continued unabated, spiraling into widespread killings of civilians.


– Gallup: Only 22 percent of Ukrainians approve of their government

– “Greece no longer has too many public servants and is close to reaching staff reduction targets demanded by bailout lenders two years before the deadline, the government said Friday.

– Euro diplomats suggest using armed forces in order to curtail refugees

– “Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich met Russia’s Vladimir Putin on Friday to lay the grounds for a new “strategic partnership” to shore up Ukraine’s creaking economy in defiance of protesters back home enraged by his U-turn away from Europe.

– Pope Francis will establish a commission on child sex abuse

– “After it was subjected to ridicule last month on the internet for failing to reserve the domain name on time, the government has moved to confiscate a web address could have been mistaken as the official site of Greece’s six-month presidency of the European Union, which begins on January 1.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Mark Weisbrot: “Honduras: Violence and Fraud at the Polls

– “The US government has urged the Supreme Court to intervene in Argentina’s fight over paying up on its defaulted debt, saying a lower court ruling against the country was wrong.

– “How School of the Americas Watch’s Perseverance Is Paying Off

– “Mexican Teachers Flood Capitol to Protest Business-Led School Reforms” Caution, this is from Oct. 30. However, I’m in the process of adding new sources to the Roundup, so things like this may occur.

– “Hundreds of protesters gathered Friday to criticize a recent court decision in the Dominican Republic that could strip the citizenship of generations of people of Haitian descent living in the neighboring country.

– Canadian military hit by suicides

– “Federal police blocked access Friday to a central Mexico hospital where six people were reported to have been admitted with radiation exposure.

Surveillance Planet

An interview with Sarah Harrison

– NSA: Our global cellphone tracking is legal under a U.S. executive order on government spying

– Alexa O’Brien on the PayPal14 trial

– “The Silicon Valley Firm That Spies On Non-Profits Is Seeking Investors

– Jeremy Scahill: There is a war on journalism

– “FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance

– “For all the outrage about the broad surveillance powers of the National Security Agency, reform advocates are conceding that the US Congress will likely end 2013 without restricting them.”

– The U.S. tests new drone with “superior stealth, efficiency capabilities

Financial Matters

– “U.S. employers hired more workers than expected in November and the jobless rate hit a five-year low of 7.0 percent, raising chances the Federal Reserve could start ratcheting back its bond-buying stimulus as soon as this month.

– Dean Baker analyzes the November jobs report here

– “A top Federal Reserve official, who has been one of the most ardent supporters of the U.S. central bank’s bond-buying stimulus program, said he was open to curtailing the purchases this month, although he would prefer to wait.

– “New Allegations from Fired Examiner Describe Chaotic Workplace at New York Fed

– Gallup: Wealthier people more likely to do their shopping online

– Trade ministers from the U.S. and 11 other countries will meet in Singapore to “forge”  (or finalize the ruin of billions of people) TPP before this year ends

– “The World Trade Organization cleared the way for its first ever worldwide trade reform on Saturday after Cuba dropped a threat to veto the package of measures, sources involved in the talks said.

– Pew: 47 percent of Americans see income gap as a major problem

– “The Los Angeles city attorney is suing Bank of America for mortgage discrimination it claims led to a wave of foreclosures that cost the city a fortune in extra expenses and lost taxes.

– How both brands and logos dominate our lives

– “A former Goldman Sachs trader was sentenced on Friday to nine months in prison for wire fraud by a judge who took sharp aim at both Goldman and the government, questioning why it took them so long to bring the misconduct to light.

– “Coke’s Ploy to Drain Your Wallet When You Dine Out

Twenty things the poor worry about that the rich don’t

– “Apple Inc has paid its leading outside law firm approximately $60 million to wage patent litigation against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd in a California federal court, according to Apple legal documents filed late on Thursday.

– “The Hypocritical Oath: Make a Healthy Profit

– “Americans boosted their borrowing in October, led by another big increase in auto and student loans and the biggest rise in credit card debt in five months.”

– John Hodgman on NYC mayoral-elect Bill de Blasio and billionaires

– “You’re probably making 10 percent less than you were ten years ago. The top 0.01 percent is making 76.2 percent more.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Jon Stewart talks about the fast food strikes of yesterday and the responses towards it

– “Republic Windows ex-CEO gets 4 years in prison

Get angry, not guilty over Chinese labor abuse

– “Amazon, Applebee’s and Google’s job-crushing drones and robot armies: They’re coming for your job next

– “More than 1,600 social workers in Los Angeles county have gone on strike for better pay and fewer caseloads, saying excessive demands were buckling the system and jeopardising children’s safety.

– “Raise the minimum wage

– “While many McDonald’s employees are protesting their low-wages and demanding $15-an-hour pay, the fast-food company is advising them how to spend their disposable income this holiday season.

Politics USA

Washington USA

– Gallup: 52 percent of Americans want ACA to be either repealed or scaled back

– “CIA’s Disastrous “Bourne” Strategy

– “As millions of people shop online for new insurance plans under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, about 10 percent of applications to the main website are not being accurately transmitted, a government spokeswoman said on Friday.

– “More than 90 percent of health insurance plans offered to lawmakers and congressional staff cover abortion, an unforeseen consequence of a Republican amendment to President Barack Obama’s health law.

– “How the FBI conspired to take the down the Black Panther Party”

– “Obama’s Prostitution of Democracy

– “U.S. transportation officials ordered the Metro-North Railroad on Friday to quickly overhaul its signal system and temporarily put an extra worker in the driver’s cab on some routes that have major speed changes, including the one where a speeding commuter train derailed this week, killing four people.”

– “The Truth Behind Those Cancelled Insurance Policies

– “The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to rule on the divisive issue of what kinds of software are eligible for patent protection in a case being closely watched by the technology industry.”

– Why hasn’t Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) backed the Iran deal yet?

– “Experts urge feds to measure, pursue our happiness

– “Why Is a Senate Democrat Agreeing to Another $8 Billion in Food Stamp Cuts?

Everything Else USA 

– Pew: 70 percent of U.S. Catholics see clergy sex abuse as an issue needed to be addressed

– “Plead Guilty or Go to Prison for Life? How Federal Drug Offenders Are Punished for Seeking Trials

– Rail experts: Metro North crash was preventable

– A man in New York was arrested by an officer for carrying ecstasy, despite the pills being breath mints

– “White Skin Privilege and Marxism?

– Stephen Colbert talks about Colorado and their preparation for cannabis to be legal

– “The neoliberal Giuliani

– “Prayer and religious displays could return to Ohio schools under new proposal

For-profit prisons in Louisiana

– “Petition Works: 37-Year Hispanic Scholarship Fund Dream Policy Overturned

– To reduce prison population, California ships prisoners out

– “A former Detroit university professor is pledging $5 million, hoping it will spark a wildfire of private financial support to protect valuable art from being sold to pay creditors in the city’s bankruptcy.

– The NYPD will limit public access on local crime information

– Dave Zirin: “Ten Takeaways From the Winston Case: In This World, You Want to Be Jameis Winston, Not Trayvon Martin

We Don’t Need No Education

– “Sorry, Michelle Rhee, but our obsession with testing kids is all about money

Student loan debt even more difficult to bear than before

– “Reign of Error

– “New Teacher Evaluations Add to Testing Frenzy

Top Gun! (Stories)

– As mass shootings have increased, so have gun sales in the U.S.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– “HUD Finally Stirs on Housing Discrimination

Losing weight may not be leading to better health, study says

– “A new study breaks down the costs of healthy food — and the results get very different spins

– ” Federal health officials have approved a highly anticipated hepatitis C drug from Gilead Sciences Inc. that is expected to offer a faster, more palatable cure to millions of people infected with the liver-destroying virus.

The Second Sex

– Stephen Colbert’s advice for the GOP on their “women problem

– “The rise of the Islamic feminists

– “Star Florida State Quarterback Will Not Be Charged With Rape

– The power of art. “Using a cartoon and humor to fight violence against women

Planet Earth

– “Federal Flood Maps Left New York Unprepared for Sandy—and FEMA Knew It

– Wikileaks: There were failed plans to suppress anti-Keystone XL pipeline activists

– “From Ice Sheet Collapse to Mass Extinctions, You’re not Ready for Climate Change

Flights have been canceled over the worsening air pollution in Shanghai

– Study: Animal testing on its way out

– “A long-awaited study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a link between tainted tap water at a U.S. Marine Corps base in North Carolina and increased risk of serious birth defects and childhood cancers.

– The U.S. weather map is “insane” today

– “The nation’s exploited public lands are now emitting more CO2 than they can absorb

– Part 1 of “Oil Spill in Alabama Spreads As Mucked Cleanup Persists

– “A federal judge has temporarily suspended BP oil spill settlement payments to businesses while he reconsiders the company’s arguments against compensating those that cannot trace losses directly to the nation’s worst offshore oil spill.”

10 ways U.S. is coping with blast of winter weather

– “Under pressure from the wind-power industry, the Obama administration said Friday it will allow companies to kill or injure eagles without the fear of prosecution for up to three decades.

Mixed Bag

Justice lessons from John Lennon

An interview with Roger Waters

– USMNT were given a “Group of Death” with Germany, Ghana and Portugal for World Cup

The triumph of money over art

– “2029: Former President Barack Obama Vows Never to Forget Hero Assata Shakur

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