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Hey everyone, hope everything is going fine

Nelson Mandela’s Death and Legacy, Day 2

Celebrating Nelson Mandela

He will be buried on Dec 15th as the globe still mourns

– “Mandela: We want equal Political Rights; When Protest was Outlawed, we chose Sabotage

– “The Mandela Years in Power

– Pew: South Africa’s history in charts

Five statements by Mandela on the U.S.

– “How Nelson Mandela changed the course of history for South Africa and the U.S.

How the right have tried to discredit Mandela and their latest problem 

The power of communal grief with Mandela’s death

– Rich Santorum: Apartheid in South Africa like Obamacare

– “The second death of Nelson Mandela

– Hollywood blogger exploits Mandela’s death by promoting movie on him

The women in his life and what he meant for them

– Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras: Mandela was an “ideological fighter against violence

A dissenting opinion over Mandela

– “Nelson Mandela, the conscious of the world

– Regarding Mandela and income inequality

– Despite fighting against apartheid, he did not go beyond to extreme inequality

– “The Meaning of Mandela

– Both the U.S. and Israel opposed Mandela and supported apartheid

– Glen Ford: “Mandela Embodied the Victories and Failures of the South African Liberation Struggle

The top ten songs on Nelson Mandela

– “ALEC opposed divestment from South Africa’s apartheid regime

– “At least three American presidents will travel to South Africa to attend memorial services for anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday at age 95.

– Katrina vanden Heuvel: “This Week in ‘Nation’ History: Nelson Mandela’s Courage Through the Years

International Developments


– “China is taking the highly unusual step of refusing to participate in a United Nations arbitration process over a territorial conflict with the Philippines, one of five countries challenging Beijing’s claims of ownership over the oil-rich South China Sea.

– “Where the Torture Never Stops

– “The United Nations and the United States called Friday for investigations into the findings of a Reuters report that Thai immigration officials moved Myanmar refugees into human trafficking rings.

– Next week, Iran and P6 will meet to implement signed deal [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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