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Jailhouse Pixels

If I could sing you a tune, I would, maybe with a few moves along the way, but we’ll have to remain in this little electronic prism for now, only now. Interesting to think that the only reason you can read this right now is the white background, defining the dark symbols of what we’ve been told is reading. How profound right? Ahh sure, there are many things which the cawing crow may sing about, but this one, somehow has me sticking around for awhile. Maybe not like the flurries going on outside, but I have time, for now, to sit and observe, continue to tell myself to meditate, leave the mind door open as I take in what I perceive to be “real.”
In the jailhouse now?
I know there’s something going on within me. I mean, something stirring, something shifting, something rousing, almost as if it’s in an opposite sleep cycle of the hibernating grizzly. I wonder if zoo bears sleep a lot, or if they’re chronically pissed because there’s this guy that enters through a rock and shovels grass at him everyday not allowing sleep that’s interwoven to DNA. Amazing to think that our ignorance and lack of care can allow zoos and aquariums to exist. I’ve always enjoyed the zoos, of course I was spoiled in San Diego, and I guess I had a kind of kid like approach to the wonder that was behind this thin veil, almost as if I could connect to something so raw, as if I was talking to a part of myself, asking myself, “Why do you keep yourself caged?” “How many more different fears will you continue to import and strap down, like a circus train going from town to town?” All the same fears and yet no difference in outlook, only the blur of the bars, the staleness of the food, and that time to sit and reflect, or not, just time to sit and be and look at all these weirdos peering in at me. If I could talk to kids, I would, “You want to see me alive, take me with you to the woods, set yourself free, forget all the ‘pay at the door’ stuff mantras.

Did you pay at the door to be born? Was there an agreement when you were kickin’ it in the womb that hey, you know, sure, I’ll put a down payment on my life because there is such a thing as a cost to live……makes sense. Or does it?

We craft this world around us to be able to learn our lessons and move on. I believe force is but an ignorant way to lay down all that you can be in a belief that someone else has a better idea for you, mainly, that you won’t figure it out in this lifetime, but you know what, you have quite a bit of time ahead of you, whether it’s in this body or the next, or the next, or the next.

It’s time we look at the bars. It’s time that we remember what it was like to live without these bars or these crazies peering into these cells that we’ve created. It’s time to understand exactly why we’re here and what we’re suppose to do. The answer, sure, can it be so simple as “within.” Is this world created to try and lure our attention, our awareness, away from that one simple fearful fact? Maybe we do have all the answers, maybe all the questions that we ask are not even striking at what it is to be human, nor what it is to type on this computer to you, a million miles away.

One thing is for certain. Looking out of our eyes we interpret what it is we want to see. I’d say we’ve done one helluva job at creating the most wonderful lesson upon this Earth that is forcing us to look within.

It all eventually leads in one direction, that is to say, back to the source where it all began. What if we were the one, the only one, that created this entire scenario of judgement and division, only to set forth at some given time, a fork in the road where we all agree on what it is to be not of this Earth, nor of this mind. To remember just what it was like at the moment we fell, and somehow we landed here, to pay, to pay someone else that is a part of ourselves, to live and learn and somewhere in between, to love.

Cheers to all of you out there that have found these black pixelated presentations upon a white screen. Imagine and dream beyond the little cage you have created, pull the door down without a fear, because to remember is to be one with all that ever was and all that will ever be.

All the love.

Photo from Kurt Nordstrom licensed under Creative Commons

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