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Help “After Legalization” Dispel #Marijuana Myths Fueled by 40 Years of Drug Warrior Culture

As Michelle Alexander so brilliantly documented in her book The New Jim Crow, America’s atavistic and punitive drug laws are largely responsible for our booming prison-industrial complex that destroys millions of lives — disproportionately those of people of color.

Those laws are slowly starting to change but one of the biggest hurdles to change is the irrational fears people have about what will happen if marijuana is legalized.

When the mayor of the nation’s largest city is offering loony and unfounded speculation about how legalizing marijuana will lead to a boon in harder drugs, it’s no wonder people are confused and fearful of how things will play out.

FDL’s superlative policy analyst Jon Walker (whose analysis of the health care bill over the past 3 years has been as spot-on as the Oracle of Delphi) has now written a book on the future of marijuana.  Sort of a Future Shock for pot if you will.

Our patchwork system of alcohol laws proves there are countless ways legalization could work.  Jon’s After Legalization cuts through that zany history of ending alcohol prohibition in a way that helps us all navigate a sane path forward.

If you want to help create sound marijuana policy, you can start by helping to get this book out there, so that voters will be more informed about the looming decisions they’ll need to make — and be well-armed to push back on people whose heads are filled with unreasonable fears stoked by 40 years of drug-warrior culture.

Reforming our country’s drug laws could have a huge impact on the lives of a multitude our nation now condemns life behind bars, who provide fodder for a vast and immoral prison industrial complex.  But reforming those laws requires reforming the way people think. The quicker people understand their fears are unwarranted, the faster that can happen.

You can get a sneak peak inside the book here and here.

And if you’d like to help pay for the cost of publishing the book, which will come out at the end of December in time for Colorado’s implementation on January 1, please consider pre-buying a copy by pledging your support to the Kickstarter campaign!

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Jane Hamsher

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