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Medical waste stolen from a truck stop near Tijuana has been recovered, with the distinct possibility that its radioactivity would be fatal  to the thieves, who had opened and handled the material.

Soldiers and police cordoned off a quarter-mile perimeter around the site of the recovery, he said, adding that anyone outside the cordon faced no health risks.

Used since the 1950s to treat cancers, cobalt-60 can prove fatal to people exposed to it in an uncontrolled manner for even a few minutes.

It’s also considered a possible ingredient in so-called dirty bombs, which disperse radioactive material through detonation of conventional explosives. Experts say such bombs are more terror inducing than lethally effective.

China has shown a new confrontational approach toward its neighbors in demanding the end of unannounced visits in the air space it now claims over the Senkakus, which China calls the Diaoyu Islands.

The Chinese ADIZ assertion extended “rights defense law enforcement action” requiring all aircraft in the zone to obey Chinese demands.

Escalation followed swiftly. The U.S., Japan, South Korea and China responded serially with warplanes crisscrossing the zone. On Nov. 26, the U.S. provocatively sent two B-52 Stratofortress bombers, while officials from Washington, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei and Beijing issued stern announcements.

Fines against banks that engaged in rate fixing that affected the costs of interbank lending were avoided by Barclays and UBS because of their admission that cartels had been formed to rig the transactions.

Banks that have not yet settled fines but are being investigated are HSBC and Credit Agricole, as well as JPMorgan, which accepted a fine for rigging in one market but not another.

The fine, the first for interest-rate rigging from the EU, is also a record for its regulators.

Other global authorities have fined financial institutions including UBS, RBS, Barclays, Rabobank and ICAP for manipulating rates.

A handful of individuals are facing criminal charges.

Negotiations ending the stockpile of chemical weapons in Syria have moved into a transfer of remaining toxic agents to seaborne containers for disposal.

A Danish cargo vessel is due to load Syria‘s chemical arms stockpile and transfer it to a specially adapted US ship, in a delicate and unprecedented operation early in the new year, according to plans by the world’s chemical weapons watchdog’.

The plans being drawn up by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have not been finalised. It is not yet clear, for example, whether the transfer between the two ships of about 500 tonnes of lethal chemicals, including nerve agents, will be done at sea or when both vessels are docked.

Protestors in Thailand suspended their demonstrations for a day to celebrate the 86th birthday of their king, Bhumibol Adulyadej.


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