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Call PBS and Charlie Rose,they are Corrupt Courtiers

Last night by accident,i came across an interview,on Roses show,with a hedgefund cretin who professes to be the most philanthropic man in the USA.His name is:

Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller[2] (born June 14, 1953) is an American hedge fund manager, he is the former Chairman and President of Duquesne Capital, which he founded in 1981. He closed the fund in August 2010 because he felt unable to deliver high returns to his clients.[1] At the time of closing, Duquesne Capital had over $12 billion in assets.

From 1988 to 2000, he managed money for George Soros as the lead portfolio manager for Quantum Fund. He is reported to have made $260 million in 2008.
from wiki.
He admitted as a child being a spoiled brat,that ALWAYS had to win in all games.Well not content to STFU and enjoy his billions,He is on a crusade (with Roses help) to reform SS,Medicare,and any help for seniors in the country,who he sez get THE LIONS SHARE of the American pie.This man is a sociopath.
He is going to colledge campuses and telling them the “seniors” are robbing them of a future.
This whole time doofus Rose does not SAY ONE WORD,about entitlements being earned by working people.
The fix is comming my friends.And PBS will LEAD THE CHARGE

We must call,email,write,Rose and PBS (who think everyone is seduced by Downton Abby and all the lords of the manor)and tell them what an absolute disgrace they are.and that any sentient soul should boycot their programming.

Mailing Address
Charlie Rose, Inc.
731 Lexington Ave
7th Floor
New York, NY, 10022


they will continue toWAR on SENIORS,and women,and children,and anyone they can to notcare for the unfortunate in this country
the country of and by OLD RICH WHITE MEN!

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