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Well we have a cop taking nude photos of a 15 year old and a coach raping an underage girl. The land is sinking in the San Joaquin Valley do to the pumping of water etc. Apparently the old FBI COINTELPRO scheme has been privatized and now corporations are planting spies in activist groups.

And according to Dr. Doom the Global Housing Bubble is back and Walmart, Amazon and others are selling Banksy fakes.

Given all of this and that people are still creating mayhem and chaos trying to get the beast deals on Black Friday like some all consuming school of piranha fish.

Now Anonymous is calling for a day of action that would involve at least 3.5% of the population. Really ? 3.5% ? And this would get somebodies attention ? They even give a list of actions one could take.

Chris Hedges and others calling for the end of capitalism.

Listen I am all for this. I would like nothing better than to see Wall Street as a heap of rubble. And while your at it, you can do the same thing to Madison Av.

But look. I mean really look at who you are talking about. How many people in upper crust suburbia are even going to know – let alone being to be involved with – any of this ? How many Walmart and Macy’s and Sacks 5th Av. shoppers. How many of those you see in downtown Cleveland or Phillie or even and especially NYC ? Or Des Moines Iowa or Gary Indiana or Miami Florida for that matter.  These are the same people who wanted to bomb all the Middle East after 9/11.

Or those who frequent any bar or nightclub. As someone who has spent time in these big box stores and in various burbs as well as the poor side of town, I do not see any revolutionaries in any of those places. I don’t even see any on the college campuses I have spent time on.

What I do see are a lot of people who just want to get on with their lives regardless of how unpleasant these lives may be.

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