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Two Familiar Faces Come Out: Actress Maria Bello, UK Olympian Tom Daley

Actress Maria Bello, stating she was in a relationship with a woman, came out in Friday’s New York Times. And today, UK diver Tom Daley–who won bronze in the 10-meter platform at last summer’s Olympics–came out on YouTube, reports Back2Stonewall (which beat the BBC’s report on Daley by posting the story just minutes before the venerable British broadcaster got theirs up).

Bello wrote an op-ed piece, Coming Out as a Modern Family about  her extended family, the nature of partnerships and her relationship with her best friend which turned romantic after much soul searching. In his video, Daley explains that he was misquoted in an interview and wanted to be honest, even though discussing relationships makes him uncomfortable, but now he feels ready to do so since he is in a relationship with someone who makes him feel

so wonderful, so safe…and that person is a guy…something clicked…Of course I still fancy girls, but right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier. I just feel safe, and it really does feel right…Is it a big deal? I don’t think so….It’s going to be big but I wanted to say something.

Daley wanted to come out on video so his words wouldn’t be twisted, and he he says to his fans that he’s still Tom and still wants to win a gold medal for Britain at the Rio 2016 Olympics; he hopes his fans will be along for that journey.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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