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Over Easy: Monday Science

Mmmmm Bacon

Obama Pizza delivery service. Anything to make us LIKE drones


I hope all had a good Thanksgiving. And managed to avoid the madness that is Black Friday. I went out on Black Friday…to the grocery. There was nobody there and turkey was on sale at .50c/lb

Fukushima update:

Information has started to become sparse, Japan has passed the state secrets law. This is widely seen as a direct attempt to control bad news from Fuku.

In fact, the only thing I could find about the status of the SFP#4 fuel rod removal is TEPCO’s own press release. I advise several grains of salt when considering the information therein.

Human stem cells have been transformed into functional lung cells! Imagine being able to grow organs from the patients own stem cells for transplant.

Here’s a different approach for a vaccine. Nanosponges that float around and suck up the toxins produced.

I’ve always known that ravens were eerily smart, I knew one once. Those of you who think know parrots are smart will still be amazed at the raven.

1Mw cold fusion reactors for sale by an Italian firm. It seems unlikely that they actually have something, but if they don’t, well, they managed to fool DARPA.

Our lead ingots suck (too much Pb-210), so we have to use ancient Roman ingots in our neutrino and dark matter detectors.

Mach 1000 shock wave IN REVERSE is lighting the remains of supernova explosions!

What do you get when you cross an iguana with a unicorn? That’s one of the stranger lizards I’ve seen.

Helium supply is becoming tight enough that some folks are saying we shouldn’t be using it in the Macy Thanksgiving parade. With this threat in mind, congress was prompted to act. Helium is the second most common element in the universe, but because it is an inert gas, it doesn’t easily form compounds and thus most of earths supply just boiled off into space. We get it now as a side effect of natural gas production.

Superconductivity reported at 127F. Still not commercially viable, all the copper oxides are strongly hydroscopic.When I was a kid, mumbly-something years ago, Superconductivity over about 35K was considered science fiction.

Amazon to deliver by mini-drone like a pizza, 30 minutes or less. In 4-5 years. Wonder how long it will be before Domino’s adapts to that? If I was younger, I’d be developing a pizza drone. I smell MONEY.

Boxturtle (yes, yes, I know. The photo is wrong on so many different levels)

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