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A Time Traveling Exercise Oh My

This was emailed to me by a friend, thought I would share it, since it allows a new perception on life, allowing you to create what it is that you feel through you. Obviously we’re on a web forum where we try and convince each other what to think and why, look at all this horrible stuff that’s going on, worry / fear, but in the light once again, I think it’s important to forgive all this guilt we have knowingly or unknowingly, and let go and have some fun while we’re here. To me this is an amazing tool to find a few more rabbit holes of wonder and mystery in our daily lives. Have fun friends, truly, and we’ll meet again soon…..

Time Travel Instructions Manual

What if you really could go back in time? If you really were a time traveler traveling back to the best day of your life or to the best part of your life, would you jump back in time and land in the middle of the experience? I would not. I’d want to experience all of it freshly again, including the surprise and delight of an ordinary day becoming extraordinary. I would go back to the moment just before everything began. The moment when I did not know what was about to happen for me, the moment of innocence before everything unfolded when the Universe was still conspiring in my favor. I would go back to the extraordinarily ordinary moment that extraordinary day began.

When you travel back in time, make the agreement that as you arrive back into the present moment (the moment you have chosen to go back to) any knowledge you would have possessed about this day have been erased. You have literally landed back in your body as it was on this day of this year at this time in your life with no knowledge of what will occur next. The only memory from the further you have returned with is knowing that you picked THIS day. Of all the other days of your life, THIS is the time you chose to return to and relive.

Present for yourself the importance of the moment. I find reading the Robert Frost poem Nothing Gold Can Stay to be particularly effective in having me understand the gift of returning to a golden time in life. Do this with text, music, pictures, whatever brings your awareness to the importance of NOW.

Nature’s first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Variations/Contexts to play with:

Context one:
You have traveled back in time form the age of (add 30-50 years to your age) to relive the next 24 hours, because THIS day, (insert date) was the best day of your life.

Context two:
You have traveled back in time from the age of (add 30-50 years to your age) to relive your life from today onward, because THIS is the day everything began.

How to play:
(In more detail)

Rules to the Game:
This is a mental attitude. A game. To play, the only action to take is to adopt this concept as reality and act from there.

Play like it is real. The game begins when you open your eyes in the morning until you shut your eyes at night. When you open your eyes in the morning, commit to awakening with shock and awe of what it feels to be this young again, back in this body, back to this day, to this place, to this time. Wake up with enthusiasm. Example: “Wake up, you amazing human being!” If you choose to continue playing the game, begin the game fresh every morning.

Keep present for yourself an empowering context. Who are you? What have you come here to do? No matter what occurs in the day, keep standing in this context. You came back in time for this day. No matter what occurs, remember that you chose this day. Make decisions from this place, remembering all you have is THIS day and you will never be this young again.

Powerful Questions:

-How old are you? (Add 30-50 years to current age)
-What would a (–) yr old think about today?
– How would it feel to be suddenly 30-50 years younger?
-What choices would I make if I was only here for today?

…You might view every interaction, every invitation, every event as an opportunity. If you meet people, be curious. If you are invited somewhere, be curious. If something appears to going terribly wrong, be curious. Keep your eyes peeled for what wonder this day holds that made you travel back in time just for it. Someone, some place, something is worth coming back in time for.

As you interact with people, places and things, look at them from the perspective that this moment has long since past. Remember you have come back from 30-50 years from the future. Think of how much people and places change in 30 years. The buildings you see have gone in the future. The people you see have aged. As you pass strangers on the street, imagine you are seeing them again 30 years younger again. The man you see walking down the street, he is 65 now, and here he is again at 35! Here you are back in time when you all coexisted in this moment.

As you make choices through your day, ask if I only had today to be here, to be in this place, to be THIS young again what choice would I make?

Create your day through ONLY today.

Love on.

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