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NYC – Brooklyn – Williamsburg: OBEY

I am not going into this video’s style and production values. A number of people were put off by this. The music and visuals seemed a bit over the top to me. But it’s clearly aimed with these effects toward the younger generation who have an appreciation for the “hip-pop” nature of it. This I think is a valid move as they are the ones who will be more likely to institute change, not those of us from the older generations.

Obey – based on Chris Hedges “Death of the liberal class” — gives a very dystopian picture of the future and not a distant future, as we are seeing it unfold now with the continued rise of the corporate, fascist police state while continuously feeding the military apparatus.  With the breakdown of society on the lowest levels first, and progressing upwards with the elites islanding themselves off from the great unwashed.

It also points out how the bourgeoisie live in a fantasy land, even or especially those who consider themselves “liberal” or “progressive.” That even they may find themselves considered by the elites to be enemies of the state. And that this began with the first mass media propaganda for the wars.

The documentary predicts that as the society and economy collapses, communities will devolve into tribalistic structures with each tribe — race-based and economically-based — opposing the other and that that there will be a tendency toward more and more violent activity because of this. Though it does denigrate and decry this. It also decries revolution, for the same reasons that I also do, that they merely replace one set of demagogues and despots with another.  Though I cannot see how violence can be avoided. Obey also states that this violence will be predominately expressed by the right and extreme right culminating in a fascist police state.

Or that those who do not wish to be part will isolate themselves, or attempt to, in separate tribal communities.  All of which seems to me more or less valid predictions. Especially when you take into account the lack of trust that people now have for each other as witnessed by this poll.

The answer given in this video is to rebel and disobey and fight the system. However one can know that the system will respond violently to this. It gives a long list of actions like non-payment of taxes and liens and mortgages, etc. Even giving a push, as it were, to the collapsing structures whenever possible. Sabotaging them as it were.

However the video fails to address the the natural disasters and biological consequences of all this.  The CDC and WHO have come out and said that we have entered the age where antibiotics are becoming ineffective against bacteria. And then there are the various viruses such as the N1H1 bird flu or Coronaviruses and MERS. That we are only half a step away from a pandemic of some sort and getting closer as the health industry gets cut back and fewer people are opting to got into it. What happens when the health sector itself falls victim to any of these? There are no hospitals around that could cope with any sort of epidemic and biological agents know no economic bounds.  Humanity has been hit in the past and its numbers decreased substantially by epidemics. It can and most likely will happen again. Can even the elites escape this or radiation without having to live in less than opulent surroundings? I think not.

The consequences of today’s capitalism are, I think, even more widespread and deeper than even the extreme left supposes.  Darwin may be proven right once more.

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