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Google Funding Tea Party Group That Helped Shut Down Government

Don’t be evil? Remember when Google presented itself as a progressive tech company that was all about building a better future? Not so much these days. It seems the corporation has been shoveling cash to one of the most reactionary groups in American politics – Heritage Action For America.

An off-shoot of the Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action was launched in 2010 to run a slash and burn campaign against Obamacare and became one of the leading advocates for the 2013 government shutdown. Thank you Google.

Google, which has been expanding its influence beyond its traditional tech allies, gave money in the past year to Heritage Action, the upstart conservative advocacy group that helped set in motion this fall’s government shutdown.

The group is a new addition to the list of dozens of independent groups that received grants from Google since September 2012, according to an examination by the nonprofit Center for Media and Democracy, based in Madison, Wisc.

While many of Google’s colleagues already called bullshit on their public persona it is amazing that Google would fund one of the most reactionary groups in American politics. Especially given Google’s professed love of science, I guess now that they cashed in profiting off of taxpayer funded public research into search algorithms its time to kick away the ladder.

So now that Google has secured allies and support in the mainstream Democratic and Republican Party it wants allies in the lunatic fringe. Because why not?

Don’t be evil, be crass opportunists!

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.