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It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

Jonathan Katz at a radio microphone

Jonathan Katz voiced the eponymous doctor in 81 episodes.

We’re continuing our double feature of Thanksgiving cartoons tonight, after last night’s Peanuts classic, so grab some of your leftovers and settle in for a toon.

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist was a mid-90s showcase for the talents of Jonathan Katz, Laura Silverman (older sister of comedian Sarah Silverman) and Jon Benjamin — one of my favorite voice actors of all time, as Cartoon Friday followers will know. It was produced by Loren Bouchard among others, who went on to create great cartoons like Lucy: the Daughter of the Devil, Home Movies, and the current best-thing-on-Sunday, Bob’s Burgers.

The cartoon was created as a way to repurpose stand up comedy routines for its parent network, Comedy Central. The squiggly animation style is a way to simulate hand drawn animation while cutting corners using the cheapest computer animation possible in a way that would probably embarrass Hanna and Barbera in their heydey. The confessional style that so many comedians use transforms effectively into therapist banter, and the great voice talents of the supporting cast mean that a lot of the funniest moments take place outside the office — or in the hopeless flirtation between Dr. Katz’s son Ben and Laura, his secretary.

This Thanksgiving episode was the final episode of the show’s fifth season (out of six) and originally aired on November 23, 1998. Visiting Dr. Katz’s office is comedian Dom Irrera. Visiting the family home for Thanksgiving is Dr. Katz’s ex-wife, Roz, as voiced by Carrie Fisher.

How was your Thanksgiving? What are some of your favorite cartoons or animated holiday specials?

The watercooler is an open conversation so ask questions or bring up whatever is on your mind.

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Photo by Jonathan Katz released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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